Moviepress WordPress Theme Review

Moviepress is about to launch a wordpress theme which is expected by many online money making webmasters. Now, you can start your video sharing website in less than 2 minutes of time using moviepress wordpress theme. Now you can get Premiumpress Discount Coupon 75% Promo Code on any Theme. Grab it Now ! Premiumpress has made the job of web master and a beginner level user in designing website much easier than ever before. Their couponpress, shopperpress, realtorpress and directory press are some of the famous themes for wordpress.

Moviepress Coupon


Within few minutes your coupon website will be up and running while using couponpress by premiumpress wordpress plugin. All you have to do is install wordpress in your webserver and install the theme you have purchased from premiumpress. That is all it takes to start your online money making website. Thats the reason i refer it as Instant Online Money Making scripts by premiumpress.

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MoviePress makes starting your own niche market video website with free/paid memberships easy!

MoviePress can quickly transform WordPress into a professional video website in seconds! All MoviePress theme purchases come with unlimited installs and lifetime free support and theme upgrade all for $79!

Niche Video Websites

MoviePress is so versatile it could be used to setup almost any type of video website for any niche market! What ever industry your in (or want to be in!) MoviePress can help you quickly setup professional video websites either with your own videos or by importing them from websites such as Youtube and MetaCafe!

Affiliates Secret Weapon

Ever wondered how affiliates and advertisers earn big money online? It’s simple! They create content rich websites that attract visitors using quick and easy tools like MoviePress. A single purchase of MoviePress allows you to setup as many websites as you like so you can quickly setup hundreds of keyword rich video websites all earning you advertising income, it couldn’t be any easier!

Import or Upload

MoviePress gives you the ability to combine website videos from different resources, you can upload videos from your own computer and/or import them from video websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Break and more! MoviePress has a built in video convert or (requires FFMEG) creating screenshots for your videos during upload.

Membership Packages

MoviePress lets you create your own membership packages allowing you to restrict access to different videos depending on what membership your visitors have.You can even setup a video teaser giving visitors access to view a video for X number of seconds before the video disappears and they are asked to upgrade.

Moviepress Coupon

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You can find an exclusive 29$ premiumpress discount coupon to purchase this moviepress theme at just 79 USD. You may get the same value of discount coupon for other premiumpress wordpress theme here. Checkout the following linked articles.

Thanks for reading and do share this post with your friends to let them benefit as well.

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  1. seems like a copy-paste review. i mean, have you really tried this theme to make a review of it. what you mentioned here is actually what’s on the moviepress website.

    1. Hi enad, thats the reason i added up “via premiumpress” linking to the website. Moreover i am using it with my video website and able to see some slight revenue growth. So far its OK with the performance.

      Thanks for your comment.


      1. hehe. sorry for quite the rudeness. i was just testing if making sure that i wasnt reading another copy-paste review. you know they exist. anyway, i just purchased my copy of this theme at 50% off. too bad that the number of video sites supported is very limited. i spoke with the sales rep and found out that break is not even supported but anyway the good thing is i can just add videos using embed code (is that possible?) and the license and support does not expire. looking forward to additional video platforms.

        1. No probs bro. 🙂 Between the theme will receive an update soon which will support many video services as well. And the support will be great with premiumpress which i have experienced.

          You can build a site similar to with this script. Uniqueness always get to high quicker.. So we must think and come up with such plan for video website. Just my suggestion 😛


        2. i’ve already though of a video niche. i setup  a joomla site using hwdvideoshare but joomla is not as friendly and SE optimized as wordpress so im switching back to wp. btw,is crunchvid new?  i noticed that it is not yet that organized. you have that footer widget that says example site.

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