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Swift Themes has launched its ultimate premium version couple of days ago. We do have a short review about Swift Theme “Swift Theme, an Alternative for Thesis Theme, But ?” that you may want to check out. I am totally amazed with the features that free version theme offers. Because i was hunting from long time for a free wordpress theme that has good SEO capability at first. Then comes the performance, optimization and so many. There is no doubt that swift can beat so many other wordpress themes.


SwiftPremium Theme loads faster than any other theme as it is a light weight wordpress theme. With correct wordpress cache plugins in place, you will get stunning page load speed. Thats the reason Swift Premium Theme scores 96 in Google Page Speed test. Serving the contents faster to the user is much essential for a blog.

Speed also determines the advertisement (google adsense, any other intext advertising..) revenue in place.

SwiftPremium developers has focused a lot in SEO aspects as well while developing this awesome wordpress theme. After migrating to SwiftPremium Theme i can see so many positive signs over here. Yes, DailyTUT is powered with SwiftPremium Theme and you can proceed with Alexa check up to see the statistics overall.

Alright, let me share the great two choices to buy SwiftPremium Theme.

SwiftPremium Personal License

  • Use SwiftPremium on any number of sites you own.
  • Access to the develops license upgrade for $37.
  • Access to members only sections of the support forum.
  • Lifetime SwiftPremium upgrades.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Price: 47 USD

Get SwiftPremium Personal 20% Discount Coupon

SwiftPremium Developer License

  • For less than twice the price of personal license, you’ll get
  • Unlimited use on sites you own and the sites you developed.
  • Access to all-new beta versions of SwiftPremium before final release!
  • Access to members only sections of the support forum.
  • Lifetime SwiftPremium upgrades.30-day money back guarantee.

Price: 84 USD

No doubt, that you can give a try with Swift Premium Theme without any worries as it comes with 30-day money back guarantee. Totally a risk free 30 days trial it means :). And i am so sure you will never think about refund as it will change your experience very much and make you write a review about swift in your blog after a month of use.

Ruthlessly Optimized SwiftPremium beats big G Google.Com in Page Speed Score

Get SwiftPremium 20% Discount Coupon

Check out quick comparison of Swift Theme Free vs Premium version. Please do write to [email protected] if you find the coupon provided above is not working. You may like our Facebook page or subscribe to our Free Newsletter to get Instant Tech updates, coupons and much more. Happy Blogging.

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