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Swift Theme, an Alternative for Thesis Theme, But ?

Update: Swift Theme Free vs Premium Version Comparison

Before you jump all over me and shout “How come thesis can meet an alternative ???” i must explain that “But ? …” Its not so negative about the Swift Theme either. Recently, i did see, that few bloggers who are not using the Thesis theme started to use the Swift theme and seems very comfort with it. Swift theme have so many benefits similar to DIY Thesis theme. SEO, Zero image in use, Fast loading and server performance are some of the highlights of Swift theme.

When we google for “Fast loading wordpress themes” then the leader is Swift Theme. While comparing swift with any other free themes, it leads the race with its great administration panel. This theme has an admin option to customize it much better from the default look you get after the fresh installation.

You may set your favicon, add some scripts to be executed when the header.php loads, similarly the footer scripts and finally Feedburner ID to configure the sidebar feed subscription unit. So over all the general tab helps you in configuring the maximum necessary script related items such as Google Analytics, Meta Tag Verification and so on.,

Swift Theme Review

  • Excellent font style in use by default. You may always change it as per your choice through CSS file.
  • Very much SEO friendly
  • Advertisement tab allows you to display google, bidvertiser or any of your favorite ad network advertisements in various locations of the blog.
  • 4 sponsor ad box also available. You may add more boxes manually through the theme editor area.
  • Comment section looks so clean. In many themes, even though they have good layout in home page the comment box makes the user feel disappointed. It happened to me when i was searching for some clean layout designs.

Overall, Swift theme is on the race of beating the premium themes with many of its features. The theme is still in development, so some problems exist will be sorted out soon. The one negative i like to point here is the Image resize problem. It displays the image as it is while resizing it, and never allows it to exceed the blog content area. I hope the theme developer will fix this in his next release.

Some blogs using Swift Theme are,



Do leave your blog url in comment if you are using Swift Theme. You may download this great theme at WordPress Official Theme Repository and the preview is our DailyTUT as we are using the little customized version of that theme. I have a plan to switch to Thesis theme too, but it will take some time as my Swift gives me comfort as of now.

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About the Author: Robin C

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  1. i changed theme 4 times already and i got to say swift has everything i need and i just love it. At least until i got thesis in my hand

    1. Its great to hear that Swift fits perfectly at last 🙂 I am sure the developer will come out with a clean frame work to beat thesis in future.

      Cheers Bro.

      – Robin

  2. I’ve been getting complaints from my hosting company to reduce my CPU usage and loaded Swift. I think the comibiation of Swift plus a CDN should solve the problems and I’m on a quest to streamline my blog.

    So far it’s a nice theme to use, minamilistic but with lots of functionality. I have it setup like a combination magazine/traditional frontpage right now and will work with the design and color scheme to tune it to my brand, but overall I like it.


  3. SWIFT by far the best Theme i’ve used. My site looks damn sexy and rocks the hell out of other music sites. From Frontpage to Joomla to WordPress.com to SWIFT – a 10yr journey finally became worth it.

  4. i have been using thesis theme for past two years now and i really like it.. the work done it is amazing. Swift theme an alternative… not used it but gonna try it…

  5. I’m using Swift theme for a few of my sites. Some for adsense, another is a membership site.

    I works pretty well once you get a hang of all the configuration options.

  6. Hey i am fan of your site and recently i am shifting to wordpress and want to build a site in wordpress but not finding themes so can you provide me help in this? i like your theme very much how can i get this type of theme?

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