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Gurusonline supports Socialvibe and helps Charity

ets_2socialvibeI been looking for some plugins in wordpress today. I found the Socialvibe plugin that helps to donate charities through the rating, reviews we do in our site for their advertisements. Social vibe is actually a social media tool which helps to spread the word about charitable cause online. Moreover, it keep in touch with many charities like WWF, The World Food Programme and so many. We simply view the advertisements displayed in the page and gather some points which will in turn converted to money that will reach the poor children. That will give education, food and many other supports for such people.

I have configured it in the sidebar and you can have a look at it by now. Just click on Help Now button and follow the 2 simple steps. In other words i would say you are just 2 clicks away to donate some food or education minutes to a child. I am very sure it wont consume your time or bug you to create some login details.

Have a look at the right side middle of this web page and click on the “Help Now” Button.

Join Hands with us !

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