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Asus MX279H LED IPS Monitor Review [Video]

Asus MX279 – “Beauty Beyond Boundaries” as Asus mentioned in their official website for this monitor. Thats true, and i find this monitor as one beautiful work from Asus and i love it. This LED Display comes under Asus Design Series and one of the best monitor for less than 500$ price point. Thought to do an unboxing and a quick review as it may help many, who are looking for 27 inch LED display. Asus, the company very famous for its Graphics Cards do have some good monitors in their stores. Asus is also popular recently for their All in one PCs, Laptops, Projectors, Gaming Monitors, Ultra Books, Routers and Tablets.

When i searched for Asus MX279, i found very less number of reviews in Youtube and other places. I was able to find good reviews in Amazon, and made my decision to buy this monitor to replace my Samsung 21 inch LED monitor.

Asus MX279H also comes with Anti Glare screen coating which is one of the main reason for me to choose this monitor. First i thought about 1440p monitor and Apple Thunderbolt display is the best choice to make. But i didnt like that Glossy display and thought to look for some alternative that has no glossy finish. I used the website VersusIO and it really helped me to compare various brand monitors to figure out the best features easily from each of them.

Asus MX279 Review

Dell has good monitors with high screen resolution and specs, but compared to Asus MX279, i found the HDMI port numbers and contrast ration were making some difference. Also the Response Time of a monitor matters a lot. If you are an hardcore gamer, then it is best to go for some monitors that gives very less response time, say like 2ms or 1ms will be great. Asus MX279 gives 5ms response time which is good for Gaming also. In a video review i noticed there was no lag at all while playing battle field game. For me, it will be Text related work most of the time and i do watch movies and YouTube a lot.

After using this monitor for 3 days i really find it reproduces the color brilliantly without hurting my eyes, being the desktop monitor. Its huge for a desktop monitor, still the best because of its 80 million contrast ratio.

Frameless LED Monitor

Another reason i really liked about this monitor is because its Frameless. Well its not Bezel free, but the frameless structure is pretty attractive than one with frame. This has 0.8 mm bezel which is very thin and best for watching movies in full screen. You will not notice it much like the one with frames.


AH-IPS Display

AH stands for Advanced High Performance IPS Display which is a latest technology that delivers 178 degree wide video angle that minimizes color shift on both horizontal and vertical planes. This ensures best quality visuals from almost any direction of the monitor.

Energy Efficiency

Well i compared this with Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and the energy efficiency score is decent with Asus MX279H. It consumes 37W power during operation and that is a lot lesser than many leading branded monitor models.

Response Time

It really matters a lot, specially if you are a gamer and looking to buy a best Gaming LED Monitor. Asus MX279 gives 5ms response time which is pretty great than the competing models with this 27 inch IPS LED Display. You will see many competing brand monitors dont fit into this mark of 5ms. This is not a gaming monitor, but not bad one for gaming. If you play games occasionally, then you can choose this monitor without any second thought. This monitor is best for surfing the internet and watching movies.


This is one important consideration i had in mind while searching for best LED monitor. Asus MX279 has 2 HDMI ports, 1 D-Sub, PC Audio In, and Earphone Jack. It is also easy to access those behind the monitors and you dont have to do any tough movements to reach the ports :). Asus designed this monitor really well except very sensitive control buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen.


Anyhow i dont use that one frequently so not a big deal. If you want to experience good picture clarity then use HDMI connectivity for extending the screen from your laptop or desktop. VGA connectivity gives bit less in picture quality and that is so normal. I have connected my Apple TV, PlayStation 3 and my Macbook Pro.

Sun Dial Stand, Stereo Speakers (quality is good), Trace Free Technology and much more are there to make this monitor really worth for the money. Thats what every buyer from Amazon said in their comments.


This 27inch LED IPS Full HD Display from Asus is one real beast. Dont miss it ! It would be great if Asus have made it as 2560 x 1080p screen resolution. Except that part, i am totally happy with this monitor and i can give 4.5/5 as an overall rating. Anyway here we have the official detailed specification of Asus MX279. If you are looking for best 27 inch high resolution monitor, read asus pb278q review which is the best apple thunderbolt display monitor alternative.

Price: $249

GET IT: Asus MX279H from Amazon

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. could you tell me how sharp text is via browsers and office docs etc? Am keen to know how this monitor will perform with an mac mini on the full res 1920×1080.

    1. Hello Benn,

      This monitor is best for reading texts. It is sharp but i am not fully satisfied. Many said that office docs and web browsing is amazing, but i will rate it as 4 out of 5. It may be because of the screen size which is 27 inch and i feel that it should be atleast 1440p to have more sharper texts.

      Watching video in full screen is simply amazing in this monitor. I still recommend this monitor for its pricing which comes around 320$ in amazon (http://goo.gl/h1fHlM). If you like to consider a 1440p monitor then go for Asus PB278Q (price: 550$) which is a full professional monitor. (http://goo.gl/gfqWTi). It is one good competitor for Apple Thunderbolt Display. I have ordered one recently and waiting for it.


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