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Many online businesses depend only on Email to communicate with their Clients, Staffs and others. It is very important to make sure you receive all the emails and able to read them and reply to them without any issues. Sometimes, when you use default email services that comes with the server, there are chances of exceeding the storage limit of your web hosting and that results in email bounce error when your client send some important email for support or to order some product.


If you frequently receive complaints from your clients that their emails are bounced back to them and you get notifications of hard drive storage full, then it is time to consider getting a 123 mail ( for your business. 123 Email is a professional email hosting service to simplify your overall email related tasks and give a boost to your productivity as well.

Email is an important productivity tool, and that is the reason we search for best email clients for our Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. We do check mails on the go on our iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows smartphones. Dont miss one of our featured post “Best Email Clients for Android Mobile“, where we have listed 10 best email clients for you. And if you use GMail for your personal or business purpose, then check out these 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail users. Exclusively for Mac OS X users we have 15 Plugins for Mac OS X Mail, which is the default mail client on mac os x to increase the productivity.

123 Web Mail

Keeping things organized is the first success factor for any business. 123 Mail offers a personalized email address with your own Domain Name to give your email a professional Look and Feel. Small or Medium business, it will be effective to communicate always with your brand name to your clients, than using some free email service providers. Not just for that, but when you have the control of creating email addresses as per your choice under your brand name (website domain name), you can also have a complete control over your employees, staffs and clients communication data and this can help you to take your business to next level technically.

Key Features of 123 Mail

  • Personalised email address to your domain name.
  • Manage email, tasks, contacts and calendars in one location.
  • Access webmail from any internet connection.
  • No software to download to access your email account.

Searching for Contacts: You cannot search the entire office for some client contact when you needed for closing the deal or to let them know about some important offers which can bring some new sale and revenue to the company. Central and Private address book in 123 email helps you find every contact quickly without deploying a Mission Code Red search in the entire office.

  • Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird and has IMAP, POP3 Support
  • Mobile Email with Active Sync available
  • Best Spam and Antivirus Protection for your Email accounts
  • upto 50 MB file attachment supported in Business account
  • upto 10 MB file attachment supported in Personal account
  • Document Management, Public Folders and Contacts for External users
  • Aggregate external emails such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail
  • Now you can share Large size documents with external users or clients

It always happens when things are not kept organized. But with 123 web mail, this never happens again. Report and confirm any events that ensures no appointment is missed. A Glance at the Team calendar and Resource planning system helps you to manage your tasks and keep track of the latest version of a price list or presentation in a simple and intuitive way.

Configuring 123 Email in an Email Client

123 mail is compatible with most of the email clients and very easy to configure. You can configure 123 email on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Macbook, Linux and Windows desktop without any delay. It is very easy to setup and start receiving and responding to your client and customer emails. You can find the easy to follow tutorials to configure 123 email in Windows Live Client and Thunderbird email client. You can use 123 mail with Gmail, Outlook and other popular email client apps and software’s.

How to Add  123 Email account in Windows Live Mail Client ?


How to Add 123 Email Account to Thunderbird Email Client ?


The support team at 123-reg quickly responds to your queries and help you face zero downtime when you give an opportunity to serve your emails through their servers. Existing users are finding 123 reg as one of the best choice they have made for their email hosting service provider.

Where to Buy 123 Reg Email Hosting ?

Well, it is another simple and easy to thing when it comes to 123 Reg email hosting services. You can buy Email Accounts from 123 Reg to get a professional email hosting service in minutes. You can also save upto 25% on Bulk Orders. When you buy 10 personal email packages you will get each mailbox for just 75p only per month.

  • Personal account starts from £0.99 per month
  • Business account starts from £4.99 per month

You have made a wonderful choice for your business today by choosing 123 email hosting services. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and productive day.

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