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Can you imagine a time when there was no internet available and every topic that we needed to search; we had to go through junks of books to look for any information instead of just typing the topic, searching for it over the web and assessing a few web links. Internet is a huge platform for one and all which we can resort to for any kind of help-solving a mathematics problem, gaining knowledge over any historical incidence, learning how to cook a specific delicacy, virtual sightseeing any beautiful location in the world or anything that you would want to do.

Internet is in particular an ocean of answers to our pool of questions.

how to

Sometimes, you must lose your way and get confused in you are the ocean of answers to a single question. You can resort to ‘How-To’ sites in such a situation. These sites protect you from the laborious task of dividing the available answers into appropriate answers and answers which is a joke answer and instead take you to the correct answers straight away.

You need to be careful even with these ‘How-To’ sites as some of these might just pop up every question that has been answered on the site while the other ‘How-To’ sites clearly encapsulate the unwanted data and brings up or shows just the ones you want. Some of the ‘How-To’ sites specialize in a particular topic like computers, handicraft, haircutting, etc. A few examples of these How-To sites are listed below to make your labor to complete a project on a particular topic way more less and simple.


Howcast is an amazing collection of articles and videos which educate you about doing everything such how to ride a bike or how to bake a cake.

Wired How-To Wiki

Linked with the famous wiki site, the name Wired holds the door key to the room of a large volume of information on various topics stated in the ‘How-To’ form. As its linkage with the wiki site suggests, a large number of people play a back support in building up this strong database of ‘How-To’ articles which helps you in finding out about anything and everything.

Mechanics: 100 Skills Every Man Should Know

In a problem, need not worry about it. Just log on this web site and learn how to survive in a big problem like snow blocked road or broken car.

Marc and Angel Hack Life: 50 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

Although not mutually exhaustive, the collection of How-To articles that are available on this site is quite interesting and helpful. The site specifically contains articles that are of common interest like how to give compliments to a girl, how to present yourself amongst public etc.

Wonder How To

This site is the most interesting and fascinating, perhaps a revolution in the world of the monotonous ‘How-To’ sites which store information in textual format. It surprisingly provides with information in the form of videos hence proving itself to be a rare treasure which is loved by people who volunteer or aim to do a task like changing the tires of a car themselves.

Thanks for reading and you may leave a comment with some more interesting how to sites you have come across and reading regularly. You may now share this post with your friends across Social Network sites. Have a great day !

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  1. Nice list, howcast is one of my favorite. I’ve even posted some how-to videos over there. I don’t see in the list. Maybe you missed it, its a nice site with simple instructions that everyone can follow.

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