HOW TO: Use Android Mobile Phone as Speedometer ?

World is moving fast. You may change this sentence in the following forms as “Is the world moving fast ?” and “Omg, World is moving fast !” In these two criteria People who were on the second flip knowing world is moving fast, are the persons who uses the internet productively. So now the question changes a bit to the questionnaire himself are you moving fast along with it ? Yes, you are ! but at what speed. Here comes the most essential application everyone should carry in their smartphones. SpeedView.

speedview android app

This application is a coolest collection to be added in for all those who wield a smartphone. The speedometer application adds certain aspects in what speed are you tackling with the time right now.

This application “SpeedView” make use of your phone’s GPS system to predict or  calculate your direction, total distance, time taken for travel and  min-max speed you were traveling. In all these circumstances this will be an addictive and more over essential application for you on running, driving, hiking etc… You can download the app here.

7 Interesting Features of the Application:


This is peculiarly a GPS based system and so it will generate results better than the one on your bike.

Direction Index

Indicates the direction you travel. Also a direction needle available to mark your index.

speedview android app

Speed Chart

Will show the recently covered distance/speed you made in several minutes.


Will be easily capturing the object in motion also thereby helping you to find the car’s speed you were traveling on. All you have to do is switch into HUD mode and keep on the wind shield of the vehicle.

speedview android app

Speed Alerts

It carries a speed limit notification window which you can customize. Whenever you try to exceed  the speed limit on corresponding traffic or roads a visual alert of probably a sound alert will raise.

Support for GPX

You can also save your current track to SD card or email it to someone using this GPS Exchange format.

speedview android app

Background mode

This application can be enabled on background and so you can engage yourself on some other work and then and there the application will prompt you about the limit notification.

QR Code to Download Speedview App

speedview android app

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  1. THanks for this post. I liked it and I was looking for such applications… also please help me by suggesting those applications which do not require Internet connection . 🙂 

    1. Sure @facebook-100002042354108:disqus. Will write an article “productive apps that work in offline” very soon. Thanks for commenting. Cheers!!!

  2. Nice app.. But just wanna know whether this would be helpful if I’ve the mobile in my pocket & running on streets.. I remember Sony Ericsson had one such app pre-installed

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