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Mark Zuckerberg Leads the Billionaires Race

Facebbok continues it growth day by day. Recently it honoured Zuckerberg, the CEO and Founder of facebook by putting him 35th place by beating Apple’s CEO Steven jobs. The survey also revealed that the wealth of Zuckerberg trippled to 6.9$ billion. Bill Gates is the topper in the list with $9 billion more than the second richest man Warren Buffet. ย The increase amount of last one year income includes $4 billion for Bill gates and $5 billion for Buffet.

The total income of top 10 richest CEO’s are $54 billion for Bill Gates, $45 billion for Buffet. ย Oracle’s J.Ellison stayed with wealth of $27 billion at No.3 spot.

The Koch brothers Charles and David shared fifth place with $21.5 billion. And the next places shared by Walton family members Christy, Jim C, Alice and Robson.

Michael R.Bloomberg of New york stayed at 10th place with his wealth of $18 billion.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ CISCO is somewhere far away with their wide range of essential products to build networks and they started to acquire many web app running firms as well. Like WebEx (while ago) and the number grows…

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    1. Ahh.. I can see the spirit in your words ๐Ÿ™‚ that possible can be seen in your eyes as well. Cheers @Karan. a valid point you have commented.

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