AlertPay Getting Ready to Increase its Indian Base, Paypal Ready to Loose ?

The recent policy update by Paypal literally ruined its reputation level among indian merchants and bloggers. You can find the links to read the actual issue if you hear this for the first time.

We also have some Instant Paypal Alternatives to send and receive funds to avoid loosing the buyers or orders. Paypal is used for Millions of Dollar Transaction by Indians every month. Sudden, Paypal’s behavior is totally unacceptable as it reversed the funds of indian account holders without any prior notice. Moreover the policy update also reflected with some reversal fee at the account holder end. Which made people to think, Is Paypal Scamming its Account Holders ?.

Alert Pay is a similar service like Paypal, located in Canada. The current move made by Alertpay appears like it is interested, to stand in the user base competition with Paypal. Yes, the recent newsletter of alertpay says it all.

This recent announcement will surely trigger up a account migration war between paypal and alertpay in focus of Indian Account Holders. Till date, alertpay have a very good reputation among indian users. Hence this positive offer can be the best way to say “come to papa… 😉 “ to the e-merchants and bloggers, who are frustrated and feeling so bad about paypal. Apart from personal payments totally free between alertpay users, indians can now withdraw the amount to their Credit Card.  Requesting Cheque is Possible too. Soon it is expected to announce the support for local banks as well. If you are using alertpay and have any positive or negative feedbacks, please write them up in the comment below. Thanks for reading…!

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  1. I think it is always better not to put all your eggs in one basket. Unfortunately paypal was the only basket available some time back. This is not the case any more! Yes it will lose business after this drastic action it took.

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