Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review and Discount Coupons

There are very less Cloud Web Hosting services available that are easy to use by beginners. Hostgator Cloud Hosting is a newly launched service by the popular hosting company Hostgator, with excellent specification and very affordable pricing. I have tried their new Cloud Hosting service for one of my client website and I am impressed. So thought to come up with Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review to help my readers find best cloud hosting for beginners that is easy to manage and run websites that are Resource hungry.

hostgator cloud hosting review

Shared Hosting has limited CPU Resource and RAM for each website hosted. For a start, it is good to go with Shared Webhosting. But when your website starts to receive more traffic or want to process your web application that needs more Resources, then you have to consider upgrading your Web Hosting to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting services, which is pretty expensive and may not fall within your hosting monthly bill payment.

Well, in that case, you can consider Cloud Hosting which many popular Cloud Hosting providers offer it as “Pay for what you Use” service to save you some money. By default, you will be paying monthly bills, which must be paid whether you use their Cloud Hosting resources or not.

Amazon Cloud Hosting and Google Cloud Hosting are two popular Cloud hosting service providers, who offer Scalable and very Reliable cloud web hosting solutions. Your website may need more RAM or CPU resource all of a sudden due to traffic spike and web application usage, they can serve it very well without showing loading bar or making your website visitor to wait. Another such easy to deploy and use cloud hosting solution i have come across is Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting that works very easy for intermediate level users.

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Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review

Hostgator Cloud Hosting is slightly different from regular Cloud Hosting service providers like the top and popular services we discussed above. You will get a very friendly Cloud Hosting Control Panel to upload and configure your website software and applications and do more. If you like Hostgator cPanel style of website management, then you will love this Hostgator Cloud Hosting service as it offers a very friendly Control Panel to manage all your files and data in your website.

Top Reasons to Choose Hostgator Cloud Hosting

  • You don’t have to spend hours or days learning about Cloud Hosting.
  • You don’t have to learn about Linux Commands to manage your Hostgator Cloud Hosting.
  • Install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal and host any custom-designed website in seconds.
  • Integrated Caching, Very Intuitive Dashboard, Resource Management, Automated Failover, Data Mirroring and cPanel-powered Cloud Hosting Servers.
  • Big Plans for Big Websites, get 2 CPU Cores and 2GB RAM in Starter Plan. You can get Unlimited Domain Hosting and 4 Cores of CPU usage, and 4GB RAM usage in the second plan starts at $13.95.
  • Ofcourse, you can get Hostgator Discount Coupons to start with just 1 Cent for 1st month hosting or 25% discount coupon when you go for 6 months or yearly plans.
  • Scalable: Inside your Hosting Control Panel, add or remove more CPU, RAM to your website or web application and easily manage the resources. No more worries about Traffic spikes or service interruption.
  • Statistics: Understand how your site performance in Hostgator Cloud Hosting with their easy to understand Analytics Dashboard. Your Usage, Trends, Download, Upload Speed, Uptime, Global Reach and more tools at one place.
  • No Coding or System Admin knowledge needed to manage your Cloud Hosting account at Hostgator.
  • Get Unlimited Sub Domains, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Unmetered Storage for all Cloud Hosting plans.
  • Finally, It’s Fast, really Fast than their regular Shared Web Hosting.

Who Should Buy Hostgator Cloud Hosting?

If your website or web application is resource hungry and looking for an affordable and cheap cloud hosting service, then you should consider trying Hostgator Cloud Hosting to host your website.

Already hosted your website somewhere? Website going down frequently for any of the following reasons?

  1. Website goes down due to high resource usage (CPU, RAM usage).
  2. Sudden Traffic spike causes website go offline and not reachable to your Customers?.
  3. Your website or web app needs more resources to run smoother and cloud is the suitable platform for it?
  4. Searching for a Cheap Cloud Hosting service providers?
  5. Don’t want to pay high for Cloud Hosting and looking for a SCALABLE and Friendly Cloud Hosting Environment?

Well, then Hostgator Cloud Hosting will perfectly fit for your website requirement.

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How to Create a Website in Hostgator Cloud Hosting?

Creating Hostgator Cloud Hosting account is super easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to create an account and once created your cloud hosting, create a ticket in support section to start the migration process. They are available 24/7 for Site Moving and Migration, you must create a support ticket from your billing page to get assistance.

Why spend more on VPS Hosting when you can get Best Uptime, plenty of CPU, RAM Resource in a very scalable environment by a leading web hosting provider?. For WordPress Blogs, Drupal Websites Joomla based Websites and any static website, Hostgator is the Cheap Cloud Hosting solution.

hostgator discount coupons

Feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to try hostgator cloud hosting for just 1Cent with our Hostgator Coupon Code or avail 25% discount if you plan for several months or yearly subscription.

Buy Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below if you have any queries. Have a wonderful productive day.

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