Kernel Video Sharing Script Review and 40% Coupon Code

Searching for an automated and easy to manage solution to Start and Run Video Streaming, Video Sharing website for Business? We got the Best Video Sharing Software today for Review to help you decide. Kernel Video Sharing Review and an exclusive Kernel Video Sharing Coupon Code will get you 40% Discount and Big Savings on your purchase of any of their License Codes.

kernel video sharing review

Kernel Video Sharing License keys are easy to obtain and their plans are pretty simple. You can always download a free kernel video sharing license for additional sub domains you want to create under your Domain name.

KVS is a Pro Level Video Content Management software that allows you to launch a Video Streaming website for Small, Medium and Enterprise level Companies. If you ever wanted to start a Tube website similar to YouTube, and brand it bigger without worrying about servers, load balancing, video streaming servers, website bandwidth and maintenance, then KVS is the answer.

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Alright, lets talk about KVS, the Enterprise Video Streaming solution with powerful features and options.

Kernel Video Sharing Software Review

The features are enormous and this script is very flexible to suit any Video Streaming Website requirement. There are hundreds of websites already running using KVS platform. It is affordable and provides flexible features that no other softwares can offer at this budget range. You can either start from scratch with the help of KVS Page Builder or use readily available website templates.

Most of the existing users launched their video streaming websites using KVS with readily available templates. Their Page builder is a good software to start if you wanted a custom and more personalization to meet your design requirements. Each content area referred as Blocks and KVS Page Builder has 40 blocks in total to let you Add, Remove and Customize to your needs.

Without any further delay, lets quickly explore the feature highlights of Kernel Video Sharing software.

What about Speed and Performance?

KVS Developers added few technology and method to improve the traditional caching and load balancing of servers. Their two level caching engine and overload protection module effectively manages and very well optimized for sites that drives thousands of page views, video views in a day.

They guarantee you, that KVS can handle any amount of website viewers traffic and all you need to focus is on the Video uploading and nothing else. Leave the Server Optimization and Load Balancing to KVS Software and Server Technicians.

About KVS Site Builder Software

KVS comes with built-in web page builder that allows you to create and customize any pages with any content. You don’t have to learn HTML or PHP to use this powerful and very flexible Website Builder software from KVS. You can easily customize web pages and maintain your website without spending time and effort.

How about Video File Format Support?

KVS offers full Multi-Format support, which means you can upload almost any common and widely used video file formats without worrying about the Playback issues. All the necessary codecs are deployed in their software to stream the video to your website viewers using KVS Video Player.

What is KVS Video Player? Any Extra Addons?

There is no need for additional addons to be downloaded by your visitor or you. KVS built-in Video Player is advanced and very friendly on Big Display Monitors with HD Resolution, iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones. It’s not just the video player, the entire website you create with KVS platform is fully Responsive that is super friendly on mobile devices.

You can Rotate Videos, upload Videos in HD Resolution or in SD Resolution.

Multi-Server Support Enabled

Load Balancing is a big task for Video Streaming websites when it gets surge in traffic. KVS multi-server hosting handles it brilliantly by serving your uploaded video files from multiple servers near to visitors location. You don’t have to purchase another CDN Services as by default KVS gets Video Content Delivery Network with your license purchase.

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Membership Video Streaming / Subscription Options

As i mentioned earlier, their video player is very flexible and user friendly, you can let your visitor preview before clicking on the video with GIF like image when they hover the mouse cursor. You can also setup Membership Subscriptions for Paid only view to your visitors.

User-Rights management has powerful settings and permission you can set for each page, video and admin area.

How about Making Money with your Video Website?

Well, KVS software do have excellent monetization option for webmasters. You can setup advertisements, publish site reviews, and playback advertisements inside KVS Video Player.

Other Feature Highlights,

  • KVS also optimized very well in SEO aspects. Create Categories, Tags, Models, Programs and more.
  • Create Community with Advanced Social Networking and Community features.
  • KVS is an Open Source platform, if you are in Web Development, then you can do a lot of customization with this powerful Video Streaming Software.
  • KVS receives updates, bug fixes, security fixes and new features regularly. Just make sure you have a valid license key.

Can i Download Kernel Video Sharing Nulled Script?

When you download Kernel Video Sharing software from official website, you get the best tech support, regular updates and security fixes. One of the big negative side of downloading Kernel Video Sharing Nulled Script is you will end up with Buggy, No Support, Security problem rich software that puts your Web Business, Brand, Time and Effort at Risk and Waste.

Always prefer Genuine licensed version, and download only from official website or source to avoid problems and make your investment worthy.

Demo / Pricing – Kernel Video Sharing Software

Here we have the list of Kernel Video Sharing License Key Choices, and you can pick the one you want. Simply click on the Download button and it will take you to Secure (HTTPS enabled) Checkout page for payment and processing.

Kernel Video Sharing Coupon Code

For limited time we have 40% Discount for Kernel Video Sharing Coupon Code to help you Save big on your purchase. Buy / Download this brilliant All-In-One Video Sharing solution and start your Website in few hours.

Kernel Video Sharing Basic

Original Price: $199.95

Discount Price: $119.97

Download Kernel Video Sharing Basic License

Kernel Video Sharing Advanced

Original Price: $599.95

Discount Price: $359.97

Download Kernel Video Sharing Advanced License

Kernel Video Sharing Premium

Original Price: $699.95

Discount Price: $419.97

Download Kernel Video Sharing Premium License

Kernel Video Sharing Ultimate

Original Price: $899.95

Discount Price: $539.97

Download Kernel Video Sharing Ultimate License

Kernel Video Sharing Custom Order

Original Price: $4999.95

Download Kernel Video Sharing Custom Order

Thank you very much for reading Kernel Video Sharing Software Review and we hope you finally found what you need. We believe the Discount have helped you Save something on your purchase. Feel free to comment below once you successfully setup and started your video streaming website. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

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