11 SEO Analysis Tools Essential and Must for Web Masters

Analysis of a website at regular intervals is important to ascertain the viability of the SEO tools utilized to promote the website. Webmasters must find which areas are strong and working well and which areas need extra help. Website analysis is important to website auditing, with specific attention given to utility, layout, and prominence. It is also important to identify areas that need development, and website analysis provides suggestions and precise directions.

seo analysis tools

Here are some SEO analysis tools that can be put to use to analyze the websites:

XML Sitemap Validator

This tool checks the XML sitemaps for any broken links. This is an important check to validate that no broken links exist in the XML sitemap, resulting in the search engines losing trust in such websites. All website URLs must return a status 200 header response and not any 404s, 500s or redirect errors.

URL: http://ipullrank.com/tools/map-broker/

Website Grader

As the name suggests, the tool analyses and grades a website. It then presents a detailed analysis report along with the suggested changes. The grader makes the webmaster know where his website stands and the suggestions show the areas that need improvement.

URL: http://marketing.grader.com/

Web Page Speed Test

This tool compares the speed of a website with that of the competitors and shows the results as a video output with the sites running side by side. Although SEO analysts might not give as much importance to speed but for the users, speed of a website is very crucial. An eCommerce website should load quickly so that all transactions are completed quickly.

URL:  http://www.webpagetest.org/

Google Analytics

An effective SEO analysis tool, Google Analytics tracks the website’s metrics and identifies weak areas. It depicts the results in reports and graphs which enables webmasters to give attention to weaker areas.

URL:  http://www.google.com/analytics/

SEO Toolkit for IIS

A great tool that points out what the SEO toolkit does not do. It crawls into large websites and collects data from these websites. This data can be related to META data, header response codes and the structures of the URL giving an insight into the technical SEO issues.

URL:  http://www.iis.net/download/seotoolkit

Real Tracker

A tool similar to Google Analytics, Real Tracker pursues web pages and presents reports pointing out the areas that need attention. The tool is easy to insert to a page and results are even easier to browse. Upgraded version can be taken for additional features.

URL:  http://www.realtracker.com/website-analytics.asp

SEO Tools from SEOmoz

SEO companies are increasingly using Trifecta, a SEO tool from SEOmoz. It analyzes a page, domain or blog on various aspects and return results in the form of a grade. This makes the SEO tasks like keyword evaluation, monitoring of user-friendly issues, on-page scrutinization and ranking easier.

URL:  http://www.seomoz.org/tools

Built With

Built With tool is used to know the information about the built-up of a website. This information can be related to the framework on which it is built, the CMS being used, the analytics package being used and other such issues. The tool is important as it provides an insight into the website, which is important when a technical SEO problem occurs due to platform or software being used. With this tool, such problems can be easily located and sorted out.

URL:  http://builtwith.com/

Full Page Text

This tool comes to us from Pingdom and analyzes several aspects of a page, including the time that the page takes to load, the RSS, CSS, redirects, objects and other similar things. It examines the components of a website, its performance and provides improvement tips.

URL:  http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/

Web Page Analyzer

This tool provides information related to the webpage, similar to the Full Page Text tool. However, the Web Page Analyzer is useful because it provides analysis and recommendations along with the qualities of the page and its grade compared to other websites.

URL:  http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/

Spy on Web

According to its name, the tool keeps an eye on the web doing a reverse IP lookup. It enables the webmasters to check for sites that are using the same Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adsense accounts.

URL:  http://spyonweb.com/

You may also like to check out some books if you are Beginner in SEO. You can automate few tasks by using correct SEO Software which is pretty hard to find these days. There are many services that promises to provide

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  1. Nice listing, I hope that I’ll find some time to test all of mentioned tools 😉 I have one more interesting position which I’ve tested few days ago – Colibritool.
    They provide many statistics about your site’s keywords, backlinks, conversion, goals and competitors. Promising and easy to use tool 😉

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