HOW TO: Disable Facebook Timeline Developer Preview ?

If you are looking for browser tweaks to get rid off the Facebook Timeline then do read firefox trick at deactivate facebook timeline and deactivate facebook timeline on google chrome browser to remove it and get back to your old facebook layout and design. This is a client side tweak hence you cannot see the same when you login to your facebook account in any other computer.

Facebook Timeline is one of the interesting feature recently announced by Facebook. Many have tried activating facebook timeline developer preview to experience how it feels and some dont like the timeline feature at all. In this case, you may try to disable facebook timeline developer preview by deleting the app you have created to enable facebook timeline.

facebook timeline

Disable Facebook Timeline

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This is just a temporary feature to let you deactivate facebook timeline developer preview where facebook going to roll out facebook timeline officially to all users on 22nd December. This forceful feature addition may feel may disappoint many users for sure.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Select “Edit App” on the left side of your App page.

facebook timeline disable

Step 3: In the left column select “Delete App” to complete the delete process.

facebook timeline disable

That is all. You have successfully deleted the preview version of fb timeline and do share this post with your facebook friends and tweet about it to let more people give a try of it. Remember, this technique may work only till 22nd december 2011.

Facebook Timeline do have many benefits and features loaded. The recent changes are getting it more popular and focus more data towards future. The timeline will act as your complete biography when you record the happenings in your life through facebook status updates in timeline. Facebook has introduced organ donor feature recently and that makes it one of the best social networking site for the coming days.

If you like to know how to manage facebook timeline, then do read the tutorial to effectively manage it and prevent from spam messages and to enjoy a safe and secure social networking experience. You can get more updates and news about facebook by subscribing to our free newsletter service at the right side column of this page. Otherwise, you can become a fan of dailytut in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. Since most people activating Timeline now are doing it legitimately, this method is outdated and will not work at all.

    Kudos to you for misleading people into hitting up your website.

    1. Hi El Guesto, We are actually not misleading people to get bounce hits. Facebook has officially launched their Timeline feature few hours ago and the above said step fails to work as you see your Official FB Timeline after deleting the developer preview.

      We have tested while writing this article and it worked for us. No more trick to delete the timeline.

      Sorry about the inconvenience.


  2. Hello Ariana,

    Unfortunately Facebook have not enabled roll back option so far. We have to wait to see for any changes to happen in near future.


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