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bypass iphone lockscreen ios

How to Bypass iPhone Lockscreen running iOS 9.3 ? [Video]

There is a new iPhone Lockscreen Bypass method in town and once again Siri is in trouble for letting others inside an iPhone running iOS 9.3 and earlier versions. I have tested and found that this trick failed to work on iPhone 6S running iOS…

how to flush dns cache mac windows ubuntu

How to Flush DNS Cache in Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu?

Reset or Flush DNS Cache in your Mac, Windows or Ubuntu Linux operating system easily. If you are seeing your website resolving to your old web hosting, IP address or changes you have made to /etc/hosts file not getting effect, then try this tutorial to…

how to play youtube videos in background iphone

How to Play Youtube Videos in Background on iPhone and iPad?

Every new iOS user downloads Youtube App for iPhone and iPad and it is one of the essential apps in top chart. You can change the quality of the video, comment, like videos and share it instantly with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or…

facebook blackmail scam tips

Facebook Blackmail SCAM, Learn How to Protect Yourself

The old Facebook blackmail SCAM is back but with some twist this time. Beware and Alert your facebook friends about this worst nightmare. Let me first explain how this Facebook Blackmail SCAM works. I feel they operate like a gang and the origin is currently…

How to Report and Remove a Video from Facebook?

Facebook Report feature is very popular as we all have to use it at some point while surfing through our Facebook newsfeed. Contents shared by people in our friends list are not always friendly and many times they may share Spam or Scam messages, Nudity…

fix facebook video not loading problem

How to Fix Facebook Video Slow Loading Problem?

Facebook says their Video platform is very close to Google’s popular video streaming service Youtube when it comes to Traffic Statistics. Though we have reports from various analysts claiming that facebook’s way of graphing its competitor is not right and Youtube is still the king in…

stop facebook video auto download

How to Stop Facebook Video Auto Download Problem?

Facebook Auto Play is one bandwidth killing feature, and facebook have given a simple settings to disable and stop facebook video auto play on mobile, pc and mac computers. Also, if your fb notification flooded with Game Requests, see here to know how to turn…

fix wifi disconnect ios 9 problem

How to Fix WiFi Disconnecting Problem in iOS 9?

It was working fine till i update to iOS 9 on my iPhone 6 Plus. The WiFi starts to disconnect whenever the iPhone goes idle and screen turned off. This was very frustrating as i use WhatsApp Web when i sit at my office computer….