Facebook Blackmail SCAM, Learn How to Protect Yourself

The old Facebook blackmail SCAM is back but with some twist this time. Beware and Alert your facebook friends about this worst nightmare. Let me first explain how this Facebook Blackmail SCAM works. I feel they operate like a gang and the origin is currently Philippines.

You will receive a message to your Facebook account from a girl profile and the text chat will be moved to Skype for Video Chat. She will start to perform adult chat and asks you to do the same. There will be Screen Recording apps running in their computer to Record everything you do.

If you are reading this post, you could be a victim of Facebook Blackmail Philippines Scam or something threatening you to Post your Video on Facebook.

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Whether you are affected by this Facebook Blackmail SCAM or not, it is highly important to hide your friends list from public, friends and friends of friends to prevent anyone from downloading your friends list.

facebook blackmail scam tips

Once they got what they want, they will end the video chat and create a fake facebook profile in your name with all the information you have updated in your actual facebook profile with photos and request to your facebook friends as well. You will receive a blackmail phone call or skype call asking money to deposit in their Bank Account or via Western Union Money Transfer.

If you fail to send money, they will threaten you to upload the naked video of you in the fake facebook profile and send request to all your facebook friends. At this point you are completely out of choices and you should deal this with boldness and strong mindset.

Enough damage to your reputation is done already and without being panic, you have to proceed with Facebook Reporting options. Learn here, if you want to take down the fake facebook account how to delete fake facebook profile.

Above picture is the list of victims and i have to hide their name and some part of the images. As you can see they have uploaded the video mentioning it as Facebook SEX VIDEO SCANDAL and another shocking news is, they update new profiles and victims every day.

Who is the Target?

They target anyone with facebook profile, but so far mostly students are their easy targets. They fear for their family and friends knowing about their private videos so they mostly send the money asked by these scammers.

So, How to Protect Yourself from this Blackmail SCAM?

Well, the very first suggestion i like to tell you is, to avoid chatting with strangers in Facebook. When you receive a request from new friends you never met try to avoid. You may chat and know who they are but when the conversation moves to something private, try to end the chat at least at that point of time. Continuing the chat will let them do more of a social engineering style of attack and the ultimate aim of the scammer is to take you to Skype video call.

Your entire video call will be recorded and the scammer will do everything to get the Private Video clip ready.

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About Facebook Report System

You may use the Facebook Report feature to report the private video uploaded by the Scammer. Make sure you followed the proper steps suggested in the article, how to report and remove a video from facebook. There is no approximate time, when facebook will remove the reported video or profile, but for me it took few minutes and some time it took couple of days for a facebook staff to moderate the request. I have given more details in the above article and do read it to know complete details.

Filing a Police Complaint

Once you said yes to them for transferring money, they will send you the Bank account details or Western Union method of sending the payment. You will see the destination as Philippines address and if you have any contacts over there, you can file a legal police complaint to take it further for any legal actions.

Protect your Friends

The moment you see the video clip, photos posted on your friends news feed that you have newly got request from, make sure you report to facebook. Don’t like or comment on it, which will cause more trouble to the Victim and your friends will be notified about it too. Before informing the person through phone call or text, you should Report it to Facebook as suggested above.

This type of problem may put a person and their family in mental trauma. So it is important to deal with it carefully and provide all the help to a person who is a victim for such Scam attack.

I hope this article have helped you to aware about this Facebook Blackmail Scam, and you have learned by now to protect you and your friends. Feel free to post your comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends at Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Have a great day.

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I am Nilesh, an Indian citizen, currently working in Oman.

    I received an friend request on facebook from a girl / lady named Ella Kim.

    After a normal talk she asked my if we can talk so we exchanged our numbers and spoke on IMO ( on which all the conversation, message and video call happened )

    After little time we got open on our video call n of which she actually made a video of and is now threatening me to give her money or else my personal and private videos ( sexual content ) will be posted online on my social media accounts and on youtube.

    she also shared the link when she posted the video on Facebook & youtube and removed it again and is threatening me and asking money.

    Please help as i am not able to understand anything…

  2. same thing with me as with Nilesh just this morning… i’ve taken all the appropriate steps, report, block, inform, and archive… the ACTUAL person received a message from me informing her that someone is using her details and a copied profile for blackmail. i’m not too concerned about it, for i am not a man of wealth or success. Scammer was clearly not from the US, broken english, and very callous and destructive threats were made. i am estranged from my family, but any of the aforementioned in her conversation were notified immediately. i wont call the police unless something comes of this, and even then, i dont have the funding to pay for an international court case. not asking for help, just offering a solution without an intermediary. 🙂

  3. I have the same problem this night happened through Meetme and then we change to skype what will i do, I agree to her that i want also to have skypesex with her but when the videostarts there is no video coming from her i am the only one in the video and shes telling me to be horny and i told her that can i see your video then after that he end the call i chat her in the meetme said its now a private and i cant contact her now totally what will i do please somebody help me 🙁

  4. I think shes gonna blackmailing me through facebook for now i dont receive any threatening but i have a feeling that they will public it even if i dont pay i already deactivate my account but i am afraid if my friends of friends will see that disgusting video of me please help me im overthinking it and i am only a student, hoping your gonna reply 🙁

  5. hi Pao,
    when you deactivate your account then no one will be able to contact your friend list or others to send that nudes……so don’t worry and even they send tell them its made up and its not you……….be brave and face the reality and just close your account and tell friends you account was hacked and if they mention your videos then simple answer is it is edited………….good luck

      1. They may send the video or photo to your friends by adding them as a friend. They mostly create a fake profile pretending to be you. So Inform your close friends in Facebook to report any such friend requests. The fast they report, fast the profile taken down by Facebook.

        However, there will be certain level of damage as i mentioned in this article. You should be strong enough to face it and fight back.

        This can happen to anyone.



  6. the same thing is happening to me right now. my phone was hacked and now i am being threatened. i deactivated my fb but he took alot of my friends’ URLs, is there anyway i can stop him ?

  7. The same thing happening to be yesterday. She already got my friend url and fb name so i decide to inform all of my friends and family by telling them that the fb been hacked and be aware of unknown person using my information to blackmailing me. i hope made the right decision. I already unfriend and block her as well as deactivate my acc. I manage to got scammer information like their full name/ city and phone number. How can i proceed with this as i and the scammer are in different country and what can i do to further ensure that the video wont be leaking out to my friends and family on fb?

    1. Hello Nunnae, I am sorry to hear that. As i said, there will be certain level of damage for sure. You still can go through this by understanding that this could happen to anyone and you should fight back. Just follow the suggested tips and wait for some more time to things get back to normal.

      About complaints, you can always approach the local cyber crime wing to report with the details you have gathered. You can file an FIR if possible. That should help.


  8. Hmm. It happened with me 2 days ago. Same story. I talked with this guy give me few hours to find money.
    – First, I changed my FB avatar to black in order to attracted friends.
    – Second, I made a similar video by myself (same pose, same movement, etc… without sensitive scene of course), posted it on my FB.
    – Then changed avatar to original image, posted a notification that my account had been hacked, they got all my private videos which was in Private label. I public “new video”, said that they made up a fake video with sexual contents based on this origin. Warned my friends shouldn’t click on any link, post because they could be hacked.
    – Chat with SCAMMER, told them I posted this video already, and gave information to police.
    That’s it.

    1. Hello adam, Stay Strong and don’t send even a penny to those scammers. Follow the steps suggested in this post and all will be fine in couple of weeks.


  9. Thanks, this is very important information to me, actually it is very helpful to us use for my work. thanks for sharing useful information.

  10. So this same thing happened to me today! How do I stop it? They even tried calling my phone this morning. HELP ME PLEASE!

  11. Same thing just happened to me. Threatened to post to my friends and family.
    I deleted the FB acct, and cut off all communication with the scammers.
    I also warned my FB friends tthat I was a victim of a FB Scam and was deactivating my acct. Dont open anything with my name on it.
    If you pay, they own you.

  12. After how many days of the incident did they posted the video by making the fake facebook account? They threatened me also that they will post my video by making a fake account and it has been 2 days already. Please suggest.

  13. Hi, the same thing just happened to me today. I was on call through facebook messenger and things got sexual, she had screen recorded my video and now threatening to send to family and friends if i dont give money. As proof also showed me a screenshot of the video file with 3 of my family members’ contacts selected as recipients. Please help me :(((((( what can i do??

  14. Just posted this comment to my friends:

    Hi all! If you get an anonymous unknown friend request on Facebook at this time, or anything with my name on it, please do not accept it. I was the victim of the facebook scam. Thanks so much!

  15. Hi, the same thing just happened to me today. I was on call through facebook messenger and things got sexual, she had screen recorded my video and now threatening to send to family and friends if i dont give money. As proof also showed me a screenshot of the video file with 3 of my family members’ contacts selected as recipients. Please help me …they blackmaill me and many times do deposite mony …continuesly


    1. hello suren, Do follow the suggestions I have given in the article and video. Dont send even a penny to them. be strong and fight back. Avoid responding to any of their messages and they will go away in few days. you can take a break from internet for couple of weeks or a month to let things cool down.

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