HOW TO: Use Google DNS in Mac, Ubuntu, Windows or Router ?

Yes, if you feel your connection is still not upto the level or getting some websites not resolving error often, then give a try with Google DNS Servers. Learn how to configure Google DNS in your Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or in a Router (video) in this article. Set your Preferred and Alternate DNS Server IP Addresses to the following Google DNS Server address. It is very easy to remember and you may use it with any connections to experience the faster and better surfing in web. Again, the Youtube video loading performance is far better than my ISP DNS servers and i strongly recommend to give this a try.

Google DNS Servers:

Google DNS are Faster, Safer and most reliable compared to your ISP provided DNS servers. You can see the difference when you access Youtube and other Google related services while using Google DNS as your DNS settings in your Computer or Router. Configuring Google DNS in Router will help you to speed up the internet access overall, means the device connected via WiFi will also use Google DNS configured internet by default. Faster page serving and better video streaming for all the devices connected to your Router.

Google DNS TP Link Router

If you have connected your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet or any other devices, then all of them will enjoy the benefits of Google DNS when you configure then in the router ?

The above video shows how to configure google dns in TP Link Router, where the steps are very much same for maximum routers but the only change is, you got to find the DNS settings in your Router. The settings may be located in different page than what you have seen on the video. Each router vendor provide their own design and interface, hence search for DNS Settings and configure Google DNS in it.

Thanks for reading and you may now share this post to let your friends and followers also experience some kick in their Internet speed now. Have a wonderful day !

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