Google Docs, Now with 12 more File Extensions Support

Google Docs simplified the use of microsoft office extension files. To power up Google Docs, the developer team have come up with extra file types support to make Google Docs much stronger in the online word processing market.

Google Docs is one of my favorite too. Editing .doc, .docx files, sharing pdf, spreadsheets and powerpoint slides (ppt) are made so easy after started using Google Docs service. An excellent productive tool to save my time and be smart. Lets have a look at the file type extensions newly added into Google Docs.

  1. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  2. Adobe Illustrator (.al)
  3. Autodesk Autocad (.dxf)
  4. Apple Pages (.pages)
  5. Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 (.xls and .xlsx)
  6. Microsoft powerpoint 2007/2010 (.pptx)
  7. XML Paper Specification (.xps)
  8. Post Script (.eps and .ps)
  9. True Type (.ttf)
  10. Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

Important Note

You can’t create any new files with Google Doc. However you can view files in these extensions. You need original software of these extensions to create files and upload them to access it through online anywhere anytime.

This adds more credits towards usage of Google Docs and also it makes a user friendly environment. What more file extensions do you like to see in future ? lets share them in comments.

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