How to Download Google Books with Firefox ?

Google is keeping a lot of valuable books to read in its directory But the thing is, we cant download them to read in offline mode. Mozilla Firefox helps the google books lovers by allowing them to download it.

Here are the 2 easy steps to start downloading books from Google Books website.

Install Firefox browser (most of the users have it in their system and many have set as their default browser as it becomes a favorite web browser to browse the http sites) and get greasemonkey add-on from firefox addon gallery.

That is all it takes to download your favorite books from google book shelf. Enjoy reading them and do leave your comments if the trick helped you to grab some books and dont forget to share it with your friends.

About the Author: Robin C

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  1. Thanks Mugil. That script is great for greasemonkey. It works good for me. The problem I am having is not being able to find the books I want, but Google will index them soon enough.

    1. Theres a link to download on googles site (so long as its not a preview with most pages blocked) It’s not always in plain site you have to look around a bit and you can get the book in pdf format.

      I don’t know if it wasn’t like this at one time or what, but you don’t need a special downloader and any you may find could very likely be malware or a Trojen Horse of some kind tricking you into infecting your computer.

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