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How to use Facebook Chat in Pidgin ?

Few months back i wrote an article about “Pidgin Instant Messenger for Chat Freaks“. If you are hearing this name for the first time then goahead and read the article to know what is pidgin and to start using the Messenger Software capable of multiple IM service logging  in at a time. You may login to Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk or any other messenger services using pidgin messenger. Multiple login feature reduces the number of softwares that a user need to run in their system for messaging and it saves system memory usage plus it indirectly improves the performance level of the system. So here i am going to share an interesting info for facebook users who may also use pidgin messenger. This is a great way to stay in touch with your facebook friends status update and notifications. The facebook-pidgin chat plugin is what we are going to see here.

When your friend comment on your status update, when they leave a message in your wall, and all sort of notifications will be displayed in the pidgin window itself. Installation is so simple. Once you installed pidgin in your system (if you dont have installed already), then visit Facebook Pidgin Chat Plugin development page to download the software for your platform (windows or linux).

Just extract the zip file and double click on the setup file to install the plugin. Once installation is completed Restart Pidgin messenger and add Facebook account via Accounts – > Manage accounts -> Add to add the facebook account.

Have fun !


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