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No Idea to Support IE6, Firefox 2.0, and Safari 2.0 Anymore – Says Google

Google officially says Good Bye to Internet Explorer 6 – Not to its users 🙂 . IE6 browsers are still in use by many windows xp users. Many unaware the security risks involved in the softwares that are not supported by its Developers. Recently Google released its Google Chrome 4 with lots of improvements in it. Its faster, smaller and better than before now. Checkout the latest release features. Its actually google turn now to announce about the plan to drop IE6 support for viewing google apps and its services. Users whoever using Google Apps services, Documents will get a prompt on the screen to notify that their browsers are outdated and it requires immediate attention to update. It is also not possible to ignore the warning and go to the documents or calendar services. This quite tough move will help out the internet users to update their browsers at the earliest.

Google Apps will also prompt similar message when users trying to surf google via Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0 or any other browsers that are currently not supported by its manufacturers. This another side have possibility of increasing the users base of Google Chrome as well 🙂 …

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