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Orkut Community Name Change, to be Stopped in Few Weeks

One of the famous social networking tool developed by Google is orkut.  Especially in India, orkut has the top rank among youths, and maximum people seek new friends and communities to be formed. The purpose of creating a community in orkut, is to gather the same minded fellows in one place and to discuss relevant matters about the title. Moreover, there are few tools like polls, video, image adding to make the discussion more interactive than usual.

Creating a group requires no special privilege than an account with Orkut. I was editing my college community in orkut and i got a pop message saying “Please edit your community name with care. Community name editing will be disabled in a few weeks.” I thought to share the same with you all and do necessary changes to your orkut community name, if any editing required.

Do spread this info to your friends in other social networks and specially in Orkut 🙂 too. Thanks for spending you precious time. Have Fun !

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. thanks for the this cool info but now i am not active on orkut .. most of people now migrating from orkut to facebook just like our blogger blogspot to wordpress.. hahaha

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