Top 10 Free Online Keyword Search Analysis Tools

Most of the Professional Bloggers always used to have insight knowledge about SEO optimization for making their blog to be at the top search lists on search Engines like Google , Bing , MSN Search, Alta Vista, Open Crawler,Netscape, Yahoo search etc. How to make a blog as the first priority results on these search engine providers ? It is very simple you need to find the keywords that users mostly trigger on these search engines. Once you find that you can use those keywords in your articles and that will drive huge traffic for your blog. I will recommend you top 10 Keyword and search analyze resources that are available free online.

You can use these for finding the keyword with greatest power and you can also get Keyword Suggestions as well.

Google Adwords: This is an advertising service provided by Google for publishing our Ads on the web . This is a paid service to advertise our Ads but adwords can be used in many other ways  One of the important benefit is Keyword Generators and suggestions can be tracked through this. Adwords Keyword Tool Works well finding all the possible usage and Recommendations on it. Now It has released with a new Featured KeyWord Tool which is under Beta version. It has a new modified interface to provide the simplicity and effectiveness to the bloggers.

New Interface:

Old Interface :

Google Insights: This is also a Google Product which shows a complete lists of the usage benefits for a keyword. This offers the location based categorizing the usage of a Keyword , so that if you are providing a keyword you can able to find how many percentage of people are searching the same from different locations .

Hitwise: Hitwise Search intelligence is Wise , It gives us intense results how people have searched on for the products and information. It is a leading industry at search marketing and online advertising. It has also got Affiliate Programmes and advertising partnerships. Hitwise integrates the results of 80+ search engines . Hitwise evaluation model on the usage of search is show here.

Keycompete: Here we have a complete system to find the keyword research, you friends and other bloggers might be using up some pay per click campaigns and seo scenarios for constructing their keysource to match best with the search results . The KeyComplete offers it free keyword lists and the adwords of the best out fit in the web.

Keyword Discovery: It complies 3 step process that will make traffic level to be the best . This invents on the search engine to find the exclusive results for a keyword or a Domain.


Optimize website content and meta tags


Maximize your pay per click campaigns


Take traffic away from your competitors

MSN AdCenter: MSN Adcenter is a Microsoft Product Which provides a huge base of keyword generation for the search advertisment and to expand the ad reach . The Adcenter benefits providing the advertising service and key search service which is done in use with the bing , which is a search engine service of microsoft . It is widely spread about its converging their according to the contents and the categories they are being set with .

SEMRush: It is developed by the SeoDigger and SeoQuake it is a cool research tool to check out for the seo optimizations and it is worth for the search terminologies that is used with the keyword optimization .It integrates the searches of google . This Generates keyword with the help of the Google keywords and Adwords.

Spyfu: Spyfu has a high competetive list of generation methodology against the normally used keywords. It has a exclusive list of Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click . It is Currently indexing 894,459,545 results across 25,592,840 domains ,this is really a big hit .

Wordtracker: Wordtracker used with good furnished User interface with a quantum blue colored theme. It attracted me a lot , it has a adult filter which restricts from generating words that are related to the adult articles searches .

Compete Search Analytics: Compete serves with the analytical strategies completely. It helps to drive out the site that are being referred under some category. You can Enter your Site or Blog link over the search box to find out which keywords . I think this list would be useful for search marketers and bloggers to make their own rush on traffic. This are precise set of online resources that are provided for the keyword recommendations for a desired content . Give me a hand to share this to all the online geeks and bloggers.

If you feel i missed some excellent keyword service from the top 10 list then do comment about it. Thank you ! Happy Blogging !

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