15+ Webmastering Tips – For Beginners [Part 1]

A normal question from beginners who have interest to know Online Money Making and Web Mastering. This article will help you to know Where and How start it ?

71014_moneyhappiness_vl-verticalThis article i am writing especially for beginners who doesn’t know anything about Web Mastering and Marketing related terms.

Let me start the process with the Basic Skills ( Requirements ) one must focus on to kick start with Web Mastering.

1. Basic Idea :

Web Programming knowledge level, like HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP etc., Its always advisable to start with HTML , which is the base of Website creation even today. Even though many new languages arrived people are still using Simple HTML pages that shows some text, image combined pages.

2. Which Language one can go for ? :

PHP stands for Hypher Text Pre-Processor. A widely used web programming language in WWW. Its pretty easy to construct a website if one familiar with PHP. It support many Database integrations. Familiar one is MySQL.

3. What is CSS ? :

Its very important to know the CSS which will help you style the pages with attractive styles (Fonts, Colors etc.,) . In internet we have tons of online tutorials to learn CSS easier and faster. Take a look at the coming up links to know more about it.

4. Have a look at Existing Websites:

Ofcourse, take a look at many websites through Google or via Links available in some websites and blogs. Because different people have different ideas which may or may not be impressive. And it will help you to get more idea about content adding , designing and other related terms.

5. What if i dont know anything mentioned above ? :

Better stop reading ! and continue your routine works. Without reading something you can do nothing. Thats all i could say. Sorry for being Rude! Between Truth Always Hurts !

Stop worrying ! Start Learning ! Learning is the process one should have it in a routine. If you stopped learning that’s the moment you are getting ready to exit from this world. Alright ! let me continue the article for people whoever interested to learn and earn something.

6. How about Designing Stuffs ? :

We must have some good designing skills or get help from your friend who is good in Photoshop or any other designing utilities. Because visitors always look for some colorfull images or texts in a webpage that makes to feel them good. So do it with some perfect color choices and image selection.

7. SEO related ideas ? :

SEO is a must one today to improve the site visitor rating and so on. I would recommend go for Blog if you have no idea about SEO related stuffs. Because WordPress or Blog Softwares basically have inbuilt functions to improve SEO process. Once you set with site construction go for SEO in depth for more accurate results.

8. Keywords and Meta Tags:

Use keywords that will help to identify your website or Blog easily by Search Engines. You may use some Online Key word Generators to do this task for you.

Keyword GeneratorMeta Tag Generator

11. Available Online Resources :

I would like to mention few Leading Blog Services where you can create your own Blogs there.



Free Blog for Indians

Above are some great Free Blog services, you may give few more while commenting to this article. Follow some simple and easy sign up process with your desired blog service , that’s it select the theme and layout to start posting and performing some tweaks with it.

12. Advertising and Linking :

Advertise your web address with your friends addresses. Also go for some affiliation ideas which will also improve the Backlinks of your website. Backlinks is one of the important to improve Page Rank in Search Engines. You may perform checked on Backlinks or PageRank here. The links i have embedded are my favorite sites which i normally use to perform those checks.

13. Domain Names :

I Forgot to include the Domain Names in the beginning itself. Its highly must to be sure with the Domain Names. It must be easily remembered when one tries to share with his/her friends. It may be Professional, attractive depends on what type of contents you are going to provide. Reduce the usage of special character in the domain name.

Best Free Domain Booking option would be Co.CC . If you wish to go for Paid Domain Names then give a try with Name, Namecheap, Godaddy etc., There are tons of Domain Sellers and Resellers exist in Internet. Book your domain with the one you Trust with.

14. Hosting Selection :

Available Free web hosting providers:

000webhost150MB100MB | Will update more.

– Few points to remember when you select Paid Hosting Services:

1. Ensure the Hosting company exists in the Internet Business for long time, may be for the past five years. You can always do that by Whois lookup with that hosting provider domain name.

2. Check some reviews through Google for positive Feedbacks and reviews. Because some hosting providers website may look pretty great and their support and services may be worst.

3. Have a look at the software’s they use in their website. Whether its updated or not. Best one for Good Security practices.

– Some Leading Hosting Providers :

HostgatorGodaddy |  will update more

15. Alone or a Team Plan ? :

Its time to decide whether you are going to work alone or with your team ? . If you like to have many categories and pages then go ahead for a Team with the people whom you can trust. Ensure the team members are active members in your website. Team plan will be a great success if the team members give some creative ideas about designs, contents and advertising related ideas.

To be Continued in Part 2.

[ For Advertising Campaigns, Tracking Visitors and more Online WebMaster Tools will be seen in next part]

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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    sorry OOT
    i want to ask, how to create sliding on your footer section (i don’t know what is name) please share because it’s really interesting.

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