HOW TO: Download Your Youtube Videos via Google Takeout ?

Google has added one more interesting feature in its Google Takeout page. Download your Youtube videos if you like to backup all your uploaded videos into your Youtube account. This feature will be really useful for people who have uploaded some videos online and want to download all of them to have a backup in their local drive. Google Takeout is a feature introduced by Google few months ago that lets you take a backup of your entire Google account services data. Whatever Google services you use with your Google account, can be downloaded now easily with a single mouse click.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

To know more about Google Takeout feature, do read “Backup Google Plus Data” and “Delete Google Plus account” to understand it better. We wrote these articles when Google has launched its social networking service Google Plus, this year.

Download Youtube Videos via Google Takeout

Choose which specific google service data you like to generate as archive and download them. This will really be an useful service for people who like to close their account and get all of their Google account associated data downloaded to their local hard drive.

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