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    1. Its simply bloggers attitude bro 🙂 where we try to reserve the keyword at our best. Google for this title and you will understand..


      1. So you are the man behind DalyTut. You definitely have a great blog, i was on Fb when i saw one of my friend updates that he won something on this site and i came to participate to win at least a contest.

        But your content made me your reader 🙂

        Anyways i just Google and find your site on page 2 of Google search by searching this keyword – Delete Google+ Account.

  1. Just a few tiny notes to add to your deletion point. If there are Gmail users among your readers, they should definitely choose the first option. Plus adds an extra folder to your Picasa album, even though it might be empty if you haven’t shared any photos in Plus. You’ll need to delete that separately. Also, if you wish your profile to be private again, you’ll need to delete some info out of there manually, too.

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