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Google launching Free Video Conferencing via Google Apps

google_appsGoogle is all set to launch the Free Video Conferencing service to its Google Apps users in Beta Stage. Currently google provides Google Sites, Presentation Sharing facility, Document sharing and collaborating facility and so many that makes one to say enough for a micro organization based on internet. Even though many video conferencing facilities are there in internet, like Webex, DimDim, Vyew for sharing presentations and collaboration. Few days back i wrote an article about “Dimdim Free Web Conferencing Service“.


Here some more info via Indiatimes about the Google Live Webconferencing service which is expected to be launched in 6 to 12 months period. If you are running an elearning company or interested to stick to google for all your organization services this news must make you to feel comfort .

NEW DELHI: Google is all set to strengthen its voice and video chat capabilities. The voice and video chat feature in the company’s the email service, Gmail, is currently limited to one-to-one communication, however, Google wants to broaden this capability to more than two participants. The Google Apps product manager Rishi Chandra told SFGate that Google is set to roll out its first update in a long line of updates that will include multi-user video conferencing.Chandra told the web site, “This (current Gmail capability) is the first step in a much broader set of features we hope to roll out over the next six to 12 months around video (and voice) chat capabilities.” He added, “It’s a great opportunity for us to push that space along.”Google acquired Web and video conferencing software in 2007 from Swedish company Marratech.

Source : Indiatimes

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