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DIMDIM, Free Web Conferencing Platform

dimdimDIMDIM, offer free web conferencing service (upto 20 users) for users across the globe. There is no country restriction as some web conferencing service providers do. Dimdim also has some special features to differentiate it from other conferencing softwares. I am using Dimdim for more than an year and simply finds the service as a perfect choice i made. At first i was searching all over the internet for some free and paid web conferencing service for my elearning solutions. I found dimdim at first with sourceforge and thought of buying a server and trying it out. But, these people offer free web meeting servers where we can conduct meetings by creating an account with them. Ofcourse, its a FREE Registration.


  • Dimdim offers a Platform independent conference service for presenter as well as to participants.
  • You may upgrade to some of their attractive plans when you find it is must for your biz environment. They do offer 30 day Trial option for their Pro and Premium Accounts.
  • No need to download any additional software or plugin to host or attend the meeting. Just few clicks, you are inside the virtual meeting room.
  • No more complex software installations or documents to go through for conducting a web conference or virtual classes. Just few click are pretty much fine to get set and speak.
  • Private and Public chat windows – Controllable by Host or Presenter of the web meeting.
  • Moreover the inbuilt browser viewer allows you to pull some webpages and show it lively to your audiences.

You may also share your Web cam while presenting a  Powerpoint presentation with the audiences.


It doesnt stop with that, you can also share your desktop to all the audiences for explaining certain tools or techniques from your desktop window. I can see your eye brows are little higher than usual 😉 . Just give a try with Dimdim and reduce your web meeting expenses. Then you will find the web meeting or collaboration cost reduced very much in your monthly bills.

Dimdim is one of the winner in WebWare 100 | Source CNet

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  1. I want to suggest you try http://www.showdocument.com – its an alternative tool for dimdim that allows document sharing and web meeting in real-time. all the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights, etc. It is free and requires no installation.


  2. Hi @laura, i just visited the website and found 2 inconvenient things.

    1. Ads in the right side of the screen.
    2. No Audio facility.

    Dimdim have no ads in the right side area, and provides great audio feature inside the presentation sharing space.. I can say DIMDIM beats ShowDocument !

    – Robin

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