Youtube Got its New Design that Looks More Clean and Minimal

Youtube has redesigned its entire website and officially launched the new design today. There were leaked reports on the web that Youtube is planning to redesign its homepage and video pages as well to make it look like the all new Social Networking site by Google, Google+. After the arrival of Google+, we are seeing changes in GMail, Google and many other services of Google.

New Youtube Design

new youtube designGoogle today launched its new design that looks quite minimal and so clean ofcourse. Many likes and some dislike this all new youtube design and interface change. The team is currently slowly rolling out this feature to all users.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

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  1. As I thought… If Google really can combine all Google top products like Youtube, Maps, Gmail, GTalks, Picasa and Blogger all in 1 Google+ it will be fantastic

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