Bluestacks: Android Apps on Windows PC

Do you like to run Android Apps on Windows PC ? then here is a simple solution to run any of your favorite android apps on Windows computer. Bluestacks allows you to run android apps on your windows pc without any hassle. Bluestacks engine designed to run any apps on windows pc. Play android games, run android applications without android smartphone.

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Download Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a virtualization engine that can run Android apps on Android OS running it on x86-based Windows PCs. No dual boot is needed, and it can run the full version of Android 2.2 seamlessly. You can easily switch between your Windows and Android Apps  by minimizing the application to Taskbar. Bluestacks is Android’s parallels for Windows. It allows Android to use windows utilities and drivers as you can print through Windows Printer from Android, use audio and video devices for using Skype from Android, and you can do so much with this small software (3.8MB file size) on your Windows PC.

Recently upgraded bluestacks can do more than the previous version. You can now use Google Play on your Bluestacks Android simulator for Windows. It works seamlessly without any trouble and you can enjoy downloading and using (450,000+) android apps on pc without any trouble.

Bluestacks Cloud Connect

Bluestacks cloud connect feature allows you to sync mobile apps from your phone to bluestacks using the Cloud Connect Android app which you can download for free from Google Play.

Download Bluestacks software for windows now and enjoy the freedom of open source on your PC as well. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post and like us at Facebook, Twitter to get more Tutorials and How to’s to your mailbox delivered every day.

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