Collabion Charts and Dashboards for Sharepoint Review

Collabion, the new software from Fusioncharts Team lets you create insightful dashboards and charts in Microsoft Sharepoint. The beauty of Fusionchart is its time saving, works without any complex steps to follow, compatible with any web programming languages that you use for developing your website. We have fusioncharts review for you here.

Collabion Charts for Sharepoint is a very quick and easy way to create dashboards in Microsoft Sharepoint, without any need for MOSS or Excel services. Collabion also works with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 and all editions of sharepoint server 2012 that includes Foundation server.

Fusioncharts means Beautiful Charts, and Collabion makes creating charts easy with Sharepoint.

What is Collabion ?

Collabion lets you create charts using microsoft sharepoint using a pretty easy to follow wizard. Step by step process guides you to create charts that you can use for your applications. This means, you dont need to write even a single line of code to create charts anymore. Collabion makes it totally easy and quick. It takes less than 15 minutes to create stunning and good looking website charts. Interactive, Animated charts in minutes to make your users say “WOW” without any second thought.

Creating a chart is not that easy when you have some huge amount of data in hand. You got to process them with some intelligent and smart tool to generate a chart in Microsoft windows platform. Collabion chart creating tool works well with Microsoft Sharepoint and creates charts that you can use for any of your websites and applications.

Why Collabion for Sharepoint ?

Stop spending hours and hours in front of your computer. You dont need to hire expensive geeks to create some charts to use. Charts are really the best and easy way to convey any complex data and reports to your clients, customers and visitors. That is one important reason that people use charts when they want to show some statistics, reports and other complex data.

It brings more visual experience and creates high level of interactivity with its animation capabilities.

Collabion has developed by keeping all these important guidelines in mind, to make it as one of the best productivity software for your needs.

  • Get more Creative Charts Samples.
  • More Chart Types.
  • Stunning Animated Charts.
  • Excellent Interactivity with Visitors.
  • Support for Drill Downs.

Collabion chart creating software for Microsoft Sharepoint also lets you create charts from data that you have stored in the following files.

  • Sharepoint Files
  • Views Files
  • CSV String or Files
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle Database File
  • Microsoft Excel
  • BDC file

Not just that, additionally you can visually specify the data filters using logical and data filters available in collabion software. You can group them into different data series and define the drill-downs to any level you want to specify. For an example, if you like to plot a sales chart for past 3 years, then using data stored in sharepoint lists or database files, you can use combination of data filters available and finally enable drill-down to show the data first by year, then quarter, then month and finally for individual days.

This really makes the work so quick and absolutely easy. You save time, increased productivity and more time to improve your business and revenue.

Preparing Reports and Charts for Presentations, Websites never been easier and Collabion with Sharepoint combination makes your task totally easy. Here i like to highlight few more important points that shows how collabion software for sharepoint is the best available in market today.

  1. Works with all SharePoint versions, including Foundation server
  2. Easy to install and use, no coding required at all
  3. Connects to multiple data sources
  4. Supports filtering, grouping & drill-down
  5. Renders in both JavaScript (HTML5) & Flash
  6. Reduces server load
  7. Extensively customizable cosmetics
  8. Can be exported as images/PDF

Lets have a look at the types of charts that collabion can support and let you create.

  • Single-series charts
  • Multi-series charts
  • Stacked charts
  • Combination charts
  • X-Y charts
  • Scroll charts

Can you see flexible and powerful Collabion can be, when it is perfectly join hands with Microsoft Sharepoint ? It supports all editions of Collabion and you can use it easily just by downloading it right away. Choose which version suits your needs and requirements and check out the pricing details below.

Collabion One Development Server

(with 1 year support and upgrade)

Get Collabion Coupon Codes

Collabion One Development Server License

(without support)

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Collabion Production Server License

(with 1 year support and upgrade)

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Collabion Production Server License

(without support)

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We always recommend the best software available in the market and that too with excellent support. Leading corporates and enterprises are using these software to create charts and the response is too great. Its your time to try this risk free high quality chart software in your business as well. Thanks for reading and have a great day. If you have any feedbacks, suggestions then dont hesitate to write to us at [email protected].

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