Best Apple iPhone SE/5S Battery Cases to Buy

Apple iPhone SE is still a favorite 4 inch iPhone for many Apple Fans. It’s the perfect form factor and well built iPhone for every day usage. Not everybody loves bigger displays. iPhone SE is still popular because of its display size and comfortable to hold design. One major setback is its ageing Battery. You can buy any one additional Battery Case for iPhone SE or 5S to get through one full day. We have hand picked few Best Apple iPhone SE / 5S Battery cases for you to consider purchasing today.

After the release of iOS 12, iPhone 5S is more usable and delivers smooth performance and user experience than iOS 11.

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best battery cases iphone se

iOS 12 made the older iPhone’s and iPad’s more usable and Apple really did a wonderful job by not killing those older devices without updates. Imagine what if, the iOS 12 were not compatible for all those iOS devices? It would be really #BADAPPLE .

We hand picked few Best iPhone SE Battery Cases for helping you fix one problem with those older iPhone. It’s the Battery that needs a boost which apple cannot do it without hardware upgrade. These cases are luckily compatible with iPhone 5S as well.

So, if you are an iPhone 5S user and looking for some best iPhone 5S Battery cases, then this article will help you find them today. These cases are rated as best and have received positive reviews from its existing buyers. Goahead and choose the one based on the design and color you like.

It would be really great if apple released an official Smart Battery Case for iPhone SE and iPhone 5S. Just like the one they made for iPhone 6 and 6S models. Anyhow, third party manufacturers were able to bring some wonderful battery cases for iPhone SE and iPhone 5S with bigger capacity and to get you through one full day of heavy usage.

Make Calls, Send/Receive Messages, use WhatsApp, Skype Calls and not to miss, enjoy your Games while you wait in a queue or whenever bored.

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Let’s see the list of Best Apple iPhone SE and 5S Battery Cases that you can buy today.

Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone SE / 5S and 5

My favorite brand when it comes to Battery Cases or Powerbanks. Dedicated Brand that constantly research and innovate in battery department. Best Power accessories manufacturer for iPhone, iPads and Mac computers.

I am using Mophie Powerstation (powerbank) for almost 5 plus years and till date its the best rugged power bank available in the market. After so many drops and hits the mophie powerstation is still a rockstar.

mophie battery case iphone se and 5s

Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone SE, 5S and 5 will deliver additional 1500 mAh battery juide for your iPhone. It’s ofcourse less in quantity compared to other upcoming battery cases you are going to see. But if you are looking for something from a popular battery case manufacturing brand, then Mophie is the one to go.

You will not be disappointed and it does great job with simultaneous charging as well. Soft Touch Finish, 4 LED Light indicators in the rear to check how much charge left in the battery case and you get twice the battery life.

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