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Apple Watch Battery Health Drop Fast? Don’t Do These Mistakes!

Is your Apple Watch Battery Health Drop Fast? Have you recently purchased an Apple Watch or using it for quite some time, and noticing battery health reduce faster? Don’t worry. I am using Apple Watch since Series 1, and I am following some simple and easy to follow practice to maintain good apple watch battery health. No complex Tips and Tricks to follow. It’s super easy.

Currently I am using Apple Watch Series 7 and maintaining 100% battery health so far. Its been 3 months since I got this new wearable. When I sell Series 6, after a year of use, it was 95%. Which is good for 12 months usage.

apple watch battery health drop fast tips and tricks

Let’s dive into the Apple Watch Battery Health Tips to maintain it well.

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Does your Apple Watch Battery Health Drop Fast?

There are no complex steps to follow. Maintaining Good Battery Health is super easy. Follow these 2 Tips that I am going to suggest to you in this article.

Avoid Frequent Battery Drain

It is really important to Not Drain the Battery Frequently. Not just for iPhone, it is the same for devices that have Lithium Powered batteries. I have learned all these years, that it really helps maintaining Battery Health very well.

Charge your Apple Watch when it reaches 20% or around. You don’t have to be exact, but you can prepare yourself to reach out to the charger when it touches 20% and you see Low Battery Mode warning message. I sometime, charge my apple watch when it reaches 10% or around, that doesn’t matter.

apple watch battery health drop fast tips

Important thing is, avoid draining the battery frequently. That’s what I have been following.

Unlike iPhone, we cannot carry the Apple Watch charger wherever we go. So occasionally if you miss out and drain apple watch battery, it wont be an issue.

I too wish, Apple gives 1 week battery power at-least for Apple Watch in future.

I understand, there are so much going on technically inside apple watch like a mini computer, still, don’t you think it will be great when we don’t have to depend on charger for 1 whole week.

Anyway, adding to the frequent apple watch battery drain, remember one more important thing.

Don’t Calibrate Apple Watch Battery

Apple products are PreCalibrated and you don’t have to run any calibration procedure to maintain good battery health. It could do more harm than good. So Avoid Draining Apple Watch Battery in the name of Calibration.

Use Original Charging Cable

It is Best to use Genuine / Original Charging cable all the time. It helps preventing any short circuit incidents and helps maintaining good apple watch battery health as well. I understand it’s expensive, so does the Apple Watch.

If you want a spare cable to keep in Car or at work desk, then its better to get an original Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable compatible for your Apple Watch model.

apple watch battery health original cable

This important practice I have been following since my Apple Watch Series 1, and it definitely helps. So avoid using any cheap knockoffs or some third party charging cables. As its wireless charging, some third party brands do have wireless chargers available. Like 3 in 1 wireless chargers that also supports Apple Watch.

Buy Genuine / Original Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Price: $29.99 $26.99

Can I Use Wireless Chargers for Apple Watch?

If you can find any branded wireless chargers compatible with Apple Watch, then it’s absolutely fine. Otherwise stay away from them. Some users did report over heating and sensor issues after using such third party brands and cheaper wireless chargers.

Apple Watch Battery Health Tips [Video]


Thanks for reading and you may share this post now to help out your friends and followers at Twitter and Facebook. Others having Apple Watch Battery Health Drop Fast problem can find a fix. They will be able to maintain good battery health after following these simple tips. Take care and have a great day.

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