How Much Does It Cost to Make Apple’s VR Headset?

Apple, a pioneer in the tech industry, is reportedly developing a virtual reality headset. According to recent reports from Asia, the manufacturing cost for each unit is estimated to be around $1,500.

apple vr reality pro headset price
Apple VR Reality Pro Headset Price. Image Credit: CultofMac

Now the Questions are, what would be the selling cost? Will it be Double from the Apple Reality Pro headset cost that makes it about $3000 as Retail Pricing? Let’s explore these exciting questions with Apple VR Headset leaks data available so far.

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What are the Expected Features of the Apple VR Headset?

The headset is expected to have several key features, including:

  1. High-resolution displays
  2. Spatial audio
  3. Eye tracking
  4. Face tracking
  5. Hand tracking
  6. Inside-out tracking
  7. Long battery life

Users can perform tasks like Gaming, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Video conferencing, Productivity apps, and Entertainment purposes. Apple will bring its stock iPhone Apps to be used with Virtual Reality Pro Headset, also letting developers build apps for its VR Headset.

RealitySDK or RealityPro SDK are expected to be announced during WWDC 2023 if Apple surprises us with the announcement of the Reality Pro Headset.

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Apple VR Headset Price: A Breakdown of Costs

The cost breakdown of the headset components shows a total of $1,400. When you factor in shipping, the conservative estimate for the Bill of Materials (BOM) is around $1,600. The most expensive components of the VR headset are the micro OLED displays, costing between $280 to $320. Following closely are the 14 camera modules, priced at $160.

apple reality pro headset design

The device’s two chips, presumably the main M-series SoC and a separate dedicated image signal processor, are believed to cost $120 to $140. Lastly, the assembly is expected to cost between $110 to $120.

Apple VR Cost: Production and Launch Timeline

Apple reportedly plans to manufacture between 400,000 to 500,000 VR headsets by the end of 2023. The company is running a 15-day preparation cycle to stock units, indicating a well-planned production schedule. Mass production is expected to kick off in the third quarter of 2023, from July to September.

How Much is the Apple VR Going to Be?

The headset’s total cost is likely well below its rumored retail price of $3,000. This suggests a smaller profit margin than most other Apple products.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently claimed that Apple originally planned to sell the headset at a loss but has now elected to sell it at its approximate cost.

The device is believed to have cost Apple more than $1 billion per year to develop, indicating a significant investment in this technology.

How Much Will Apple Reality Pro Cost?

Other reports suggest that the headset may be called the “Apple Reality Pro.” The BOM for the device, excluding shipping, is estimated to be around $1,290 or $1,300, according to some Asian analysis firms.

This further adds to the anticipation surrounding the product’s launch.

Apple Virtual Reality Headset Price: A Comparison with Competitors

In a comparison made by XR expert Brad Lynch on Twitter, the BOM of Apple’s headset is around double that of the Meta Quest Pro headset.

This comparison underscores the premium positioning of Apple’s products in the mixed-reality market.

apple vr headset price

In conclusion, the high manufacturing cost of Apple’s mixed-reality headset indicates a significant investment in the technology. With a possible retail price of $3,000, it’s clear that Apple is positioning this product as a premium offering in the mixed-reality market.

Are you waiting for Apple VR Glasses or Apple VR Headset? Will you Buy it at the Price of $3000? Or in Apple Style of pricing $2999? If Apple’s prices exceed $2000, it will create good demand among Apple Buyers.

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