Free Password Managers for iPhone and iPad

Truekey Password Manager

Another free password manager for iPhone and iPad that has got best ratings from iPhone users world wide. Truekey has some limitations under free version where you can save upto 25 passwords and if you want to save more, then you should upgrade your account to premium via In-App purchase. Very good encryption, Secure wallet, Pin Code lock security, Master Password protection, Encrypted Notes feature for saving personal information, Auto Lock feature to safe guard against Theft of your iPhone or iPad.

Truekey Password Manager works on all your computer web browsers including google chrome, firefox, safari and Internet explorer.

truekey password manager download

You can save passwords in Cloud as well. Auto filling passwords in any websites without entering them again and again on your PC, iPhone, iPad and Android tablet as well. Its built in browser helps you to login to websites quickly and easily in one tap.

Download: Truekey Password Manager

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