Maily: An Exclusive iPad Email App for Kids

 iPad is one of the best Tablet in this planet and Apps are the important reason behind it. Many buys iPad for their Kids as a gift for their Birthday and for other special occasions. But they use all the other Apps except Email which can help them to communicate with their Grand Parents, Friends and other Family members who are not near to them all the time.

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Maily solves this problem by making it as an exclusive iPad App and first of its kind for Kids to let them send and receive emails in a more fun way. iPad is one of the best gadget as it increases productivity for business people, and for house wives it just helps them to become a cyber mom by letting them explore recipes, how to’s and every thing they wanted to spend their time useful in home.

Apple iPad Apps are so special. Millions of Apps are the pillars of iPad that makes it to grow in the tablet market as the no 1 compare to any of its competitors. Microsoft is also working on its Surface tablet but it will take some more time for it to come up with apps to satisfy the requirements of its users through its Apps Market.

Maily Special Tools

This App perfectly designed for Kids from 4 years old that allows them to send beautiful emails which will completely personalized by them to their Mom, Dad, Grandparents and Close Friends as well. The Digital Pencils, Brushes, Photos, Personalized Backgrounds, Stickers are available to draw and express whatever they like to say. They get notification in their personal inbox, when they receive a reply for their awesome emails sent.

They can reply anytime by drawing once again and adding necessary texts as well.

Parental Control Enabled

Maily has an inbuilt parental control features, which lets parents to completely in charge of who the kid is communicating with and when, including the ability to approve or reject messages before that are sent or received.

What are you waiting for ? Get your iPad now and download Maily from App store right away and introduce it to your Kids. They will learn about this beautiful app all by themselves. All they need is just an introduction as kids are so smarter these days than us 🙂

Download Maily from Appstore

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