10 Questions to Ask Mobile iPhone App Creators

Apple will face many problems in the near future, as the company needs to rise to the level of the past years, when Steve Jobs was in charge of the company. However, even if Apple was greatly affected by the death of Jobs, Apple still has ambitious plans. In this direction, Apple has to answer to a number of questions.

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There is a heavy competition going on inside Smartphone market. The patent wars are on the other side which reveals many secret designs and researches done by Apple for iPhone and iPad. I still wonder, whether steve jobs will do the same to take down samsung to have a crown in the patent war.

1. Will Tim Cook be able to equal Steve Jobs?

It will be really hard, for Cook to keep this image of the company created by Steve Jobs. Although the new boss is not as innovative as the founder of the company is, he can put it on the right direction, but it will be extremely difficult for Apple to remain the same surprising and innovative company.

2. Apple will innovate the world of television?

There are many controversies about the ambition of Apple to launch a television. It seems like Apple talks with the huge TV networks such as ABC, NBC and ESPN to introduce the shows of Apple.

3. Is Android a problem?

The operating system invented by Google for mobile terminals, Android has the biggest market share. The tendency will remain the same, and considering the fact that Apple has to compete with tens of operators, such as Samsung, LG and HTC, it seems like this is going to be a real problem.

4. Will be Apple affected by Android?

Although the operating system Android has the biggest market share, Apple still attracts the most important investors, therefore it is a moneymaking machine. However, as Android continues to grow, would the company start to suffer?

5. Will Apple change the iPhone completely?

The strategy of Apple was a simple one since now: a new smartphone each year. However, the company has to enter the market of cheap phones. Moreover, the Android users are happy about the huge screens if some phones offered by Samsung and HTC, so it is clear that Apple has to enter this market also.

6. Will Apple continue to dominate the market of tablets?

For two consecutive years, Apple dominated the market of tablets, but when rivals such as Amazon are able to launch a performing tablet of only 100 dollars, it is probable for this trend to change for the future years.

7. Apple will lower the price of the iPad?

It is possible for the older versions of the iPad to have smaller process, as soon as a new ipad is launched. The problem is that this strategy might affect the incomes of the company on the long term.

8. What are the growth expectancies of Apple?

The company is on an ascending path for a while now, but would this trend remain the same?

9. What would be the evolution of the tablet market?

The market of tablets is relatively new, and it represents the most important advantage of Apple. However, we still don’t know what would happen for the next years, and if people are ready to renounce desktops and laptops for tablets.

10. What would Apple do with so much money?

The company expects a profit of 100 billion dollars, and it is still unknown what would the company do with those huge sums.

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