7 Vital Internet Marketing Secrets

Over the past few years, many marketers have been spending more money on internet marketing. Marketing online enables you to reach specific audiences and easily monitor return on investment (ROI). Unlike conventional marketing methods, internet marketing campaigns produce almost immediate results. This enables you to better assess what aspects of your campaign are productive and which are not.

Internet Marketing

To succeed in internet marketing, you need to understand the vital secrets of internet marketing. These secrets include:

Website Directory Listings

Before beginning any marketing campaign, ensure that the site you are promoting is listed in one of the common directories such as Google, Yahoo! and DMOZ. This will ensure that your prospects can continue finding your marketing page long after your campaign has been launched.

Generating Traffic

In order to achieve a ROI, you will need to drive traffic to the marketing pages of your site. There are several ways of doing this online. One of the most popular is Google AdSense. Other methods include targeted website advertising and affiliate programs. Research other sites that appeal to your target audience and negotiate ad rates for your marketing campaign.

Marketing Pages

Don’t lead prospective buyers to a generic site. If you do, potential purchasers might have no idea what to do next. You should make it as easy as possible for your prospects to take up the offer. When creating a marketing campaign online, build a specific page that will lead purchasers to your service or product or an advert that showcases the offer. This is a strategy that I use to promote Nutrisystem discounts, Bistro MD promo codes and Medifast coupons.


Customer testimonials are a very effective way of selling your service or product. When consumers read about those who have bought and used your service or product, they gain a degree of comfort and trust in what you are offering. After each purchase, solicit testimonials and use the ones that are likely to convince prospective customers.


Create a compelling offer

Be sure to offer a service or product that no one else is offering. If your offer is not very interesting or similar to your competitors, customers may not be interested in learning more. Obviously, offering something for free is usually a great way of enticing potential customers. It could be some sort of free evaluation or a 3-day free trial. Be creative, try something unique, and measure the response.

Developing Trust

Before anyone buys from you, your company or website needs to be viewed as reputable. This means consumers can buy from you and not have to worry about the security of the personal information, credit card information and any other information being exchanged. A good way of developing trust is to buy and display reliability and safety icons such as Trust-e, VeriSign and BBB Online.

Provide a Guarantee

A consumer feels more assured with a purchase if it comes with a guarantee. You could offer a money-back guarantee or a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A guarantee eases the risk of making a purchase. Make your guarantee equal or better to what your competitors are offering.

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