HOW TO: Earn Money with Blogs Regularly

Many blog owners usually post contents or videos on their blogs to express their knowledge and ideas but the main thing which is in the mind of some business-minded people to make their blogs an income generated tool. Making money online is not limited to blogging. You can find millions of ways online when it comes to online money making. If your blog is in the sight of many people then it is your right to make it a money generating box. If you want to put up ads then go and freely do it. If you want to sell some products then what are you waiting for ? Go and sell some quality products with solid reasons to buy.

blogging money

The money which you make from blog is directly proportional to the number of people come to your bog and people want some quality stuff so maintaining the quality of the articles at the same time is mandatory for earnings.

Here we are going to discuss how to earn money on daily basis through blogs.

Choose a Blogging Platform

1) It is good to start your blogging career by making a blog on free blogging site so that you get familiarize with the blogging art. Then after that move up to a self-hosted blog to convert it into money generating blog. The domain name and web hosting are not too costly. It is just about 10$ for domain name and few dollars for web hosting.

2) The blogging platforms like,, etc are helpful and can give you about few hundred dollars but to make a real amount of money, it is necessary to self host your blog. These all platforms are limited in terms of customization. Blogger has changed now and came up with new added options.

3) By using you will be able to make your blog far different from other blogs in terms of design, theme and money. You can use your own domain name. For setting up your blog, will help you from the initial start.

Earning Money from Blog

1. Google Adsense program is the most popular program to earn money from blogs. After writing an article and applying for Google Adsense, they place ads which are strongly related to your topic.

2. Adsense works on pay per click option. Other ad network like CPM is also good for generating money. In the start, it will not provide money according to the expectations but at that time when the traffic will be on high number then this ad network will start to generate some serious money for the blog.

3. For selling downloadable products like EBooks, add SSL, E-Commerce and online databases, etc to the list.

4. If you have no much information about SEO then your rankings in the search engines changes and at the same time traffic will also be affected.

5. If you know how to balance what you need, what your followers and viewers need, what link builders need, what social sites need, what affiliated programs need and if you know about SEO well then you will be a winner.

Finally, day to day visit, quality writing, contents or videos updating, designs and themes changing, ads posting and online product selling qualities will guarantee you a big source of income.

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