Host a Free Loyalty Program using Punchtab in Minutes

Being a blogger hosting a giveaway is considered to be an effective traffic driving technique and a loyal user community to spread your weblog across their network. Though we have some quality products to giveaway to our readers and visitors its important in which way we are promoting. It should be simpler and anyone should be able to try that without any complex steps involved.

Free Loyalty Programs by Punchtab

PunchtabPunchtab comes into the picture where you can generate a box like the one shown below, and embed it in your contest page to let the news spread across the web. Punchtab helps you to track the the way your links are shared across social networking sites.

punchtab giveawayPunchtab is actually a widget that can be created and relies on Facebook account. So you’ll need a Facebook account to participate in any contest you host. So the target will be 600+ million users. You will be prompted to grant permission for the punchtab app to connect to your facebook account.

I have just participated in an iPad giveaway ( where i had to follow simple 4 steps with skip certain steps if i dont have twitter account. However, this will make an easy way to spread word about your giveaway. Do share your views about this great tool using the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Robin, this is Ranjith from PunchTab. Thanks for the write-up, glad you found our giveaway widget to be useful. It’s been used for over 350 promotions since we launched it two months ago and have seen over 30,000 entries in the largest ones. One thing I’d add is that beyond the 4 entries you can earn for the standard actions the widget lets users earn unlimited entries for inviting friends (also very easy by following the steps). Let me know if you have any feedback.

    1. Hi Ranjith, thanks for the comment and sure you have solved a very big problem that bloggers had. Punchtab is one effective tool that reduces the headache of bloggers while conducting giveaways. Recently i hosted a giveaway of iPod Touch 4G by that time i am unaware of Punchtab. 🙂

      But for my next giveaway i am going to use Punchtab for sure.



  2. Ya.. really Punch Tab is Cool Plugin.. used to Encourage Visitors by giving Giveaways and coupon codes.. Im using in my blog..its really a cool one.. Thanks for the writeup

  3. Companies are using Social Media for their own benefit, with rewarding customers for their word of mouth. Is there a company which uses social media and rewards customers for incremental value which they generate for businesses across the globe.

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