7 Important Tips For List Building Techniques That Works

Subscribers give you a constant traffic all the time as they show the love on your Blog or website by entering their email to receive updates. This article will help you understand better, about understanding the guidelines to increase your subscribers and build quality traffic all the time. Trust me, there are very less blogs out there who got returning users and fans today. If you are an online business person, you know the importance of list building. Your list of subscribers are not just prospective clients, they are also influencing people. They are interested in your work and if they like it, they are going to be leading the way ahead and reaching out to a greater number of people, this consequently means better sales. The bottom line is hence, good list building.


Here are a few tips that work:

Tip #1: Make Enrolling For Subscriptions Easy

When people visit your site, don’t bombard them with information and through sales jargon’s at them. Instead, be patient and keep only the subscription tab above the fold, where they are sure to see it. For registrations, keep only e-mail ids as requirement because nobody enjoys filling in long lists of information just to join a mailing list !

Tip #2: Make It Easy For Them To Leave / Opt-out

Of course we make the opt-in very prominent and easy. But suppose a user wants to leave, he has to go through a complicated procedure ? This is bound to break the trust and your company may appear to be a spammer. An apt solution is to make the opting out really easy. Send them an e-mail confirming their consent for you to mail them. If they are not interested, make the ‘exit‘ option prominent too. The brand at least gains respect and the consumer is more probable to stay when he thinks it’s his ‘choice‘ and that he hasn’t been forced into it.

Tip #3: Provide Awesome Content

Your content writing must have a goal. This means, when you offer subscriptions, you need to be sure what you are offering to the target audience. Once you set the goal, stick to it. Provide users great content that they enjoy and are bound to stay subscribed to. With the way things are shared on social media and personal networks, good content is bound to strengthen your mailing list.

Tip #4: Use the Google Ad Words

There’s no harm in investing a little money and bringing people to an effect landing page where they can decide whether they want subscriptions. Only people seeking genuine content are going to click on such knowledge oriented and subscription driven links; you are more likely to get the right audience if you have managed to target the correct keywords.

Tip #5: Give Out Freebies and Promotional Material

No matter how rich or how not – rich people are, they love freebies and discounts. They love the feeling of ‘value for money‘. If you can do that for them, they are bound to stay. So, make sure you have your giveaways in place and in your plans. ‘Subscribe to this and you could win‘ is a pretty good start as it is known to work. At the same time, you could appreciate and reward people who have already joined you.

Tip #6: Promote Your Self And Your List – Through Word Of Mouth

And last but never the least – push the word for your list! Keep encouraging the growth of your list. You can do this is a subtle manner by letting people know that they can benefit if they promote the list or forward the email or gently ask them to pass it on if they found it worthy.

Tip #7: Promote Your Self And Your List – Through Social Media

Social media is the latest platform where your list needs to be promoted. Many believe that with the presence of social media and its power to influence, list building is losing its significance. But this is not true. Lists cater directly to your audience and hence will always be important. So go to your facebook page and put down the note, ‘Like this page‘, ‘Share this content‘ and ‘Subscribe to us here‘.

Why not make the most of the viral space we have? It’s a good idea to build your list today and reap benefits always!

Author Bio: Divya is passionate blogger who writes on various subjects like SEO, SEM, SMO, and web development. She has many year of experience even as a consultant with a reputed SEO Company.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Link Building isn’t that easy as we think. I’m just working my ass off to build good number of links. I think u already understood that

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