Posterous Spaces – New Way of Sharing Messages and Videos

What is Posterous ?

Posterous is a simple blogging platform started in May 2008, funded by Y Combinator. It boasts integrated and automatic posting to other social media tools such as Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, a built-in Google Analytics package, and custom themes .

You may wonder what this new venture is going to do something bigger than Facebook does ?? Definitely No will be the argument by most of the people but, when i come forward in saying you can feel even more comfortable place to share and connect with your friends using a platform, in which sharing can be done in a controlled way irrespective of the places and medium you share. Does this sounds interesting? So here we go.

Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces is purely an social media in which you can share, connect, access and control what you share and with whom you share. The actual concept is purely a thing like developing individual networks or circles as you do in Google plus and here it is even more private and customizable.

What to do with Posterous ?

What ever, You want a Weblog ? a Group Discussion panel ? like to build a Team website ? a Public webspace ? or a Private space ?

Posterous will allows you to build any of these with simple tools in place. You dont need to be a programmer or advanced web user to start any of the above said service.

Posterous Spaces is an unique in bringing you certain factors like controls, Sharing, and Content. You may experience something very flexible and a normal part of life. When it comes to friends circle it is common that we share more and more stuffs all the time but here’s the thing in real life you may keep in control what ever you share and who ever can view it. A model of your Facebook share and how it gets viral inside the network.

For instance you may share the video of your birthday party with all your friends but something embarrassing video of your holiday trip ?? Definitely No. This is common thought and act when you come  online and share things with. Sharing a photo on your Facebook wall is actually shared with all your friends on Facebook. What you need is to share your stuffs  with people you want from anywhere you want. And that’s what Posterous Spaces is all about in either way they can access your information, updates and contents shared recently. Go to Posterous Spaces.

Learn how you Share

When it comes to sharing as i’ve said previously you can share things with anybody from anywhere irrespective of the places and  medium. Posterous assures you that getting our information they can post it on our corresponding web friendly format. Instead of dumping all your contents, videos, music and contacts on a single stream you can avail Posterous Spaces which helps you to share in secure permanent spaces.

Control what you share

Privacy will be the biggest factor whenever you are about to share with your friends. It is the thing to be considered more than twice before updating anything to the social media. But thing what if the circumstances will be when you can split down people into groups like family, friends, close buddies, team mates etc., and do share with those circles. No one other than the people on the respective list would access or even see the thing you do post.

Connect with your friends

Posterous Spaces also encourage sharing the contents with other social networks and services without taking you from your favorite social media. All you have to do is compile, share and post your videos or messages to all other in your group and make the information flow live. Its even simple with Posterous Spaces that you can update your blog with any device like a Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or even from your Mail.

A Video Description of Posterous Spaces

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

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