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I was searching for a plugin that gives me the possibility of getting comments from my user without refreshing the page. jQuery type of commenting solution. Later i found a wordpress plugin where i not just get ajax commenting feature, also the threaded feature that some wordpress themes dont support by default. It may require some comment template alterations to enable such threaded commenting in wordpress powered blogs.

Here the wordpress ajax comment plugin, spectacula makes the job of blog owner pretty easy. No hassle hand coding moments when you use spectacula comment plugin in your wordpress blog. Set up is very common as you do for any other wordpress plugin. Install it from your plugin installation page via Dashboard and start using it. Your users will no more have to wait for the page refresh after leaving their comment.

Some sites using Spectacula WordPress Discussion plugin:


Shouting Words

Lets see what the developer says about this great wordpress plugin.

The plugin uses memory tables for fast cacheing within the database (no pesky permission setting for you to worry about here) and adjustible polling times to suit a wide range of server performance.

The plugin is also developer friendly, meaning that you can easily add styles to your theme so that should a user implement the plugin your meticulous design can be carried through. By default there are two styles that should work in most cases. Read below for further instructions.

Once installed this plug-in will replace your theme’s comments template with its own fully Ajax comment template. This allows both submission and update of comments without a page refres letting your visitors use it more as a chat room than the more traditional comment system. You can also roll up replied which can be told to trigger at any depth you feel is best using the settings page. Also available on the plug-ins admin page is the option to use another or no stylesheet, toggle the live updating of comments and change the refresh period for live update.

As of version 2 you can now easily add new stylesheets to the available list by either copying them into the plug-in’s style folder with a comment at the top of the sheet that looks like this /* comment style: Stylesheet name */ or adding a commenting.css to your theme or child theme. Once added they will then be listed in the dropdown menu that shows on the admin page.

Download Spectacula Discussion wordpress plugin

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    1. I am a regular visitor to your blog. You can retweet or fb share this article to spread the word about this plugin. It may help some one sometime 🙂


  1. Good plugins, and at one point I was hell-bent on adding extra functionality to my blog, plugin wise. Problem was – each time you add plugin, developer chooses not to support it for next core release – screws up one of the core parts of your blog functionality – comments.

  2. A good article is a satisfactory article that has not met the criteria for featured articles. The good article criteria measure decent articles; they are not as demanding as the featured article criteria, which determine our best articles. This is good article about WordPress Ajax Comment Plugin, good information for reader.

  3. I’ve been using the disqus plugin to power commenting on my blog but it has failed me miserably. Gonna try this out for sure. Thanks for the introduction!

    1. Spectaculla is a simple solution to add a great commenting feature. Disqus is something we require at the time of getting more comments each day.


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