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Ever thought to start an e-business to automate the traffic with more profit in mind ? Ever failed in blogging in terms of online money making ? Then Premiumpress wordpress theme can be your next smartest way to select the wordpress theme to generate automated revenue. Even the investment is very less compare to any other premium themes that you can find online. Premiumpress gives you 8 different niche to start with your ebusiness. I would say, it covers maximum of successful niche’s to generate revenue bit faster. Ofcourse after implementing the theme you have to work on the content and seo factors to drive the traffic much better than the theme usual gives you.

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Premiumpress Coupon Code

Lets have a look at the available options of PremiumPress Themes.

WordPress Coupon Code Theme

Coupon Code websites can double or triple your earnings through a website. Whenever you get a coupon code for a product, then you may use their affiliate links to generate affiliate commission from your usual traffic.

CouponPress is a professional coupon script for WordPress that turns any WordPress blog into a powerful coupon code or voucher code website with lots of coupon site features, in minutes!Includes 20+ coupon website designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!

WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

Create SEO friendly Shopping Cart websites that have support for thousands of extra plugins and widgets with our powerful Shopping Cart theme for WordPress. ShopperPress is a premium WordPress shopping cart theme and comes integrated with lots of professional shopping cart features, extra store designs and a ton of addons and extra plugins.

WordPress Directory Theme

DirectoryPress is a clever directory script turns a WordPress blog into a powerful online directory website with lots of features, import tools and built in payment gateways allowing you to charge website visitors to submit their website to your directory.Every purchase of DirectoryPress includes 20+ directory website designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!

WordPress Classifieds Theme

Classifieds Theme is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds script for WordPress with lots of professional features and extra classified website designs.Purchase our classifieds script today and you’ll get 10+ extra classifieds designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!

WordPress Real Estate Theme

Become your own realtor and own your very own real estate website with our latest WordPress theme for real estate agents.RealtorPress is a premium Real Estate Script that will transform any WordPress blog into a powerful, SEO friendly, feature rich real estate website with lots of changeable real estate designs built in!

WordPress Auction Theme

AuctionPress is due for release next month and will transform any WordPress blog platform into a feature rich auction website with built in features such as member messaging, live and private auction, auction listing packages and pricing options and lots more!To stay updated with the development of our auction script for WordPress simply join our newsletter below and you’ll receive news and updates including a discount code when the theme is released.

Membership Website Theme

Membership Press has recently started developed and will turn any standard WordPress blog into a powerful membership website allowing the website owner to setup public and private member pages, membership subscription packages and lots more!Members can have restricted access to product downloads and automated content such as monthly newsletters and weekly downloads.

Price Comparison Theme

ComparionPress is set for release later this year and will turn any standard WordPress blog into a feature rich price comparison website.The theme will use live feeds to gather products and services details online and provide visitors with the cheapest and most highly rated products available.

You can purchase the theme now to set up your instant online money making blog at Premium Press website. Do check out their individual features to get more idea with your ebiz kick start.

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Update: Coupon Press theme

Buy all themes for just 249 $ (limited time offer on all current 50% and above discounts).

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. really it is a great business, i saw lots premium wordpress themes in themeforest,,

    themeforest shows the price and how many peoples bought that theme, it seems amazing to see those details,,

    1. Thanks for your comment @ashok. You are right, the premium theme always stand out from the free themes in terms of support, coding and so on.

      – Robin

  2. Premium Press themes are FRAUD, They don’t work and once we purchased the theme we are totally ignored and their SUPPORT is BAD. Themes does not function correctly. No proper installation documents and so many missing pages and codes.

    1. I am really shocked with your comment. Can you give me any proof ? because we at dailytut, respect our commentors alot and surely write a review about it, if you give us a valid info about it.

      So far i heard some positive reviews and especially the support of Mark as outstanding one.

      Waiting for your reply.

  3. Hi John

    I find this very hard to believe, we have a full time support team and have a very busy forum and help desk.

    I cant believe its possible you could have submitted a support ticket or asked for support and been ignored.

    Mark Fail

    PremiumPress CEO

    1. I agree with Mark,

      I own a full theme pack license and I have been a customer of Premiumpress for the last 4 months, I have installed PremiumPress themes in 2 of my sites and each time when I had problem and would contact the support, he would respond within 4-5 hours. I don’t think he has ignored any of my tickets or mail till now and I think PremiumPress has one of the best support among the premium themes sites. Trust me. All of his themes work top class. If you have problem you should try to contact supprot instead of blabbering about it at some blogs

  4. Let me just add, on top of our very busy support form, help desk which is manned daily, manuals and documentation we lots and lots of video tutorials which are enjoyed by most of our clients.

    Saying the “products dont work” is impossible and if you are having problems within installation then all it takes is to contact our support team and we’d be happy to help.

    I find is very hard to believe someone could post negative reviews when we work so hard as we do to ensure all our customers are satisfied with their purchases.


  5. I just noticed directorypress now is a paid theme, i remember downloaded it for free. outdated, but still working for me though.

  6. Hi, You obviously are a person who recognizes the power of target and the way to make targets which you accomplish step by stage.Bravo for you.In my individual lifestyle I’ve only observed achievement when I’ve kept my target and produced the measures needed to realize my plans – extremely small transpires by change alone. This can be something I prefer to usually share with my readers.Genuinely, I am delighted to read about other peoples achievement by way of laser like target and you’ve got it.Continued achievement to you,David

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