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Tweetmeme announces a competition

tweetTweetmeme, one of the largest tweet service provider for websites and mainly blogs launches a competition just a day back. They added a new service in the story tweeting area, where the users can now leave their comment there also. In order to participate in their comment contest, you have to send that particular story link to your friends along with some words to make them retweet your comment. The most retweeted comment will get the following three prizes. visit http://su.pr/2iDqdw for more info

winnThe Best Comment

What we are looking for is the best comment that you can create around one of the posts on our site.  The comment must be created on our system and re-tweeted through the site.  The individual with the highest number of re-tweets of a comment will win our competition.

Steps to Participate

STEP 1 – Login

Login to TweetMeme (this requires a Twitter account – if you don’t have one? go here

STEP 2 – Find

Find a story that you find interesting – click on comments – or the ‘more’ button.

STEP 3 – Comment

Leave a comment and have it send it back to Twitter (this is the default behaviour) – get your friends to retweet your comment.

STEP 4 – Spread the word

Spread the word about the competition and about your comments on our site! Lets see how far and wide you can get your cool and interesting comments. This competition will be running for 7 days from today and we will do a daily update here on the blog on who our top 10 comment re-tweeters are! We will announce the winner and runners up on Tuesday 15th September around 5pm GMT.

PS the most amusing comment that I see may also get a sneaky little prize too! And anyone I see just spamming will get removed! Spam is EVIL!

Got these inputs from the tweetmeme blog. You can visit the page directly by copy pasting this url http://su.pr/2iDqdw in your browser.

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