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commentIn WordPress or in any other blogging platform, users have an option to leave their comments. Getting more comments increases the blog reputation and proves that it has a very decent traffic. Comment creates a community within a blog. I remember an article written by Harsh AgrawalHow to form a community out of your blog ?. He discusses some of the web services that help us to spread the word about our blog, and at the same time to pull unique visits to a blog. Rather using the default built in commenting system available in wordpress, allowing the visitors to comment with their existing web accounts, social networking accounts must be more attractive. We at gurusonline using DISQUS comment system that makes anyone to leave their comment with their existing facebook, twitter, open id accounts. So no need to go for a signup in order to comment.

Every comment is valuable for a blogger. Making comments as DoFollow will get more commentators to a blog. Because DoFollow gives a solid backlink to the commentators blog or a website. When a blog has a very good PageRank then each backlink that an user get from such PR 3 or above blogs are worth. Many new website and blog owners buy backlinks from some link directories.


Intense Debate:

imageIntense Debate was acquired by Automattic (WordPress Developers). This commenting system liked by many blog owners, for its simplicity. This not only available for wordpress platform, it is also available for CMS like Joomla. While using Intense Debate in your blog, you can avail the following list of features.

  • Comment Threading – Allows to reply with specific comments. It makes the conversation much easier to understand by any visitors.
  • Reply by Email – Respond to your blog comments via Email. Also the blog admin can moderate the comments via Email.
  • Email Notifications – Notifications can be sent to admins as well as to the visitor who commented on a post.
  • Reputation / Points – Users can add reputation points to the writer, and commenting visitors. This proves the comment quality of individual user.
  • Open ID / Twitter – Users may comment using the open id or twitter account, rather filling up fields every time.
  • Moderation / Blacklisting – Moderation of comments can be done through the intense debate control panel within the wp-admin area.

Some famous websites using Intense Debate Plugin are Techstarts | Gazetteonline


disqus_125Favorite for many Bloggers and provides extra ordinary feature compare to any other commenting systems. Not just a blog owners, disqus can be used by any website administrators to integrate comment feature with their TypePad, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal and much more… Disqus differs from other commenting system and it provides all the intense debate features +

  • Connecting Conversations – If there is a conversation happens outside your blog or site then disqus pulls the url and part of the message, to display with your blog. Disqus call this service as Reactions, that happens in other public communities or sites. Friendfeed, Twitter, facebook, youtube, digg are in the list.
  • Realtime Discussions – Brings lively environment to your blog. Your blog visitors can comment and get reply lively without delay or page refresh.
  • Social Web Integration – Comments can be shouted across the social communities and bookmarking sites with just a click. Facebook, Twitter, OpenId, and many common networks are accepted to use for commenting.
  • Disqus Profile – Similar to Intense Debate, disqus profile can be built to manage all the comments made by an user. Here is gurusonline’s profile.
  • Spam Protection – Disqus allows you to use Akismet or the inbuilt anti spam protection service to prevent the blog from spammers. The same API key obtained from WordPress have to be used here.

Sites that are using Disqus Plugin Mashable .

Leave your comments with our Disqus System and see how it works 🙂 if you are new here.

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  1. Disqus is the far better option to install on blog because many opportunities admin and users both like social websites interactions and get reply on comment lively. i like most the feature get reply lively.

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