WordPress Instant Search Plugin Review

Now you can add a cute Instant Search feature for your wordpress powered blog. Yes, there is a plugin to do such implementation in your content loaded blog. You dont have to make your users wait to see the search results anymore 🙂 just display them instantly. Google Instant is a success feature that google has given to its users. After that we got so many instant services like Facebook Instant, Yourtube Instant and so on., Now you can make your users feel happy with surfing and finding the posts instantly.

Official WordPress Instant Website for Live Demo.

How to use WordPress Instant Plugin:

Step 1: Download and Manually install the “wordpress instant” plugin (or) visit Dashboard -> Add New plugin page and search for the plugin title to install wordpress instant.

Step 2: Activate it from Plugins list.

Step 3: Create a search page under Pages Tab inside Dashboard Menu’s and add [WPINSTANT] with square bracket.

Step 4: Save and Access the page in your web browser to experience your all new Instant Search Feature.

Note: Highly recommended to watch in HD Resolution to see the texts clear.

By default the view of the search results are set to wordpress single column theme. So you have to customize it using the plugin css file to make it suitable for your WordPress Template. Once done, announce your all new Instant Search Feature to your visitors and readers. Happy Blogging.

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