Youtube Instant Search [Unofficial]

Google Instant is yet to reach the world wide web users. Mean time, you can enjoy the Youtube Instant Search developed by Feross Aboukhadijeh (website), student of Stanford University. He built this cute search option for youtube video in just 3 hours time after betting with one of his friend during lunch time.

Feross deserves a job and ofcourse youtube ceo surprised him with his latest Tweet.

Hey @FreeTheFeross! Loving YouTube Instant… Want a job? 😉

@FreeTheFeross Are you ready to leave school? 🙂 I’ll send you a DM.

– Chad_Hurley

Youtube Instant Search needs some work tweaks to be done. It would be great to see some player controls as well along with the video. People who have slow connection otherwise will get buffering icon for long time. For users sitting with broadband connectivity, its really a boon to watch videos in a click of a mouse button. I am sure Feross will bring this one better in near future.

Youtube Instant goes viral now and the web is now reading about Feross every where. 🙂 He became famous in overnight. Such a great personality in my view.

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  1. the instant search is great plus i like the suggested results. past faves of mine are included then i can follow a whole new link… thumbs up youtube

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