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WP Turbo is a brand new wordpress auto blogging software. Install wpturbo plugin in your wordpress, sit back and relax to see the revenue growth in your ad campaigns. WP Turbo is an auto blogging plugin for WordPress, Create niche blogs on any subject you can think of, mix in videos, music, affiliate products and more. Create a video blog, a lyrics website, a cookery site, a job listings board, a twitter aggregator, flash games portal or coupon codes site. You name it and there’s a good chance WPTurbo can create it.

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Build Site in any Niche

You can use WPTurbo to create a website in any niche using advanced search terms, filtering and custom templates.

Increase Traffic to your sites

Feed your sites with fresh content automatically every day when you choose. Search engines love updated content.

Post content on Auto Pilot

Just setup your websites once and they will continue adding content when you specify so you can begin building the next one.

Earn income from Multiple Sources

WPTurbo has a number of ways built in, to earn income. Just enter your affiliate details and start to build a monthly income.

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The plugin has a powerfull system to allow you to create your own templates and target by keyword and add filters so your sites are unique to you.

Search engine love these sites as they are regularly updated when you choose, from every hour to every week. You just have to set them up once and they will carry on adding content without you.

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  1. Great review! thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading it. It has many features from creating a site up to earn income to multiple sources… You can manage all aspects of your sites from the WPTurbo Panel. this is really awesome!!

    1. Auto Blogging softwares search across internet to find best paragraphs to combine as a complete article. So its kind of negative in some aspects however, google adsense revenue focused user may try this out.

      Nothing beats Blogging (by user with fresh contents on his own). And i personally recommend Blogging on our own rather Auto Blogging softwares.


    1. There are some less number of auto posting softwares available in wp market. WP Turbo is kind of new but we can expect positive results as the team already successful with their WP Answers theme.

      WP Robot also doing good job with auto blogging software.


  2. the blog should not completely written by auto blogging softwares. getting better ideas from auto blogging contents and rewriting on our own will be a great idea too. However using this software often can prevent severe traffic loose and less effect on SEO aspects.

    Hope this helps.


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