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Joomla is one of the worlds no 1 content management system used widely by web developers and cms users. It makes the website building pretty easy when you know PHP and basic idea about web servers. Whenever you land up in a problem then you can get support from so many fellow joomla users in the joomla official web forum discussion area. That makes open source developers and users feel better when it comes to support and solution. Joomla extensions, components, modules and plugins will add more feature to your joomla powered website.

By default when you install joomla cms you can create and publish contents and customization is ofcourse limited to create a very simple looking website with pages, ad banner rotation and few more features.

In order to get full benefits of building a power packed website, we generally go for extensions, modules and so on. Some of these comes as free and you can download it from the official joomla extension gallery. However we have plenty of premium extensions, modules and joomla components to get quality component as well as exclusive support from the component developer team. We do have some interesting joomla oriented discount coupon codes to help you get such premium extensions, templates and so on.

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If you are totally new to Joomla and in need of some professional training to learn joomla and to start your own web development solutions, then Joomlashack is the best option for it. You can even get Joomlashack 50$ discount with free premium themes added to it.

Alright, let me move on to the discussion about the title. Here i have 5 awesome websites that serves Joomla Templates with good quality and mainly its FREE.

Best of Joomla: (visit here)

One of my all time favorite, and thats the reason i give first place for this website here 🙂 . It has everything i ever need for my client who ask for free joomla template with decent quality and layout. Trust me ! you will never regret it after visiting this website. The only thing you should take care of is, your hard drive space not getting filled with the downloads you trigger from Best of Joomla Template Gallery. It also has various commercial joomla templates. However, you have an option of selecting the list of GPL, Non Commercial Templates only in the search tab.

ThemeBase: (visit here)

Theme Base have good number of joomla free templates that you can use to get a good looking website. Its simple and yet clean layout designed. So dont miss to check it out.

Joomla2u: (visit here)

A minimal recommendation i can do as it has some good looking templates in the gallery. You can get some simple designs to construct a 5 or less number of static pages website.

Joomware: (visit here)

A private blog that has some decent number of quality and good looking joomla templates. I hope this can also save your time in searching for the joomla templates.

JoomlaXtreme: (visit here)

Another good website where you can find hundreds of custom designed joomla templates to build a static website. It has maximum number of categories covered template titles.

Thanks for your reading and i hope you find any of the site useful for your joomla site.

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